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Definitely mad props to everyone who had the video content going. The Live Streams, the constant flood of demo footage and trailers and end-of-day Undercover videos kept me on all week. 
Go team!

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@MarkWahlberg: Dude, I love your movies. 
@fwylo: Nah, I like the look of it, too. Just up-close the logo looks pretty jacked. :( 
@AjayRaz: You're sexy. 
@ThatFrood: Thank you :D 
@Sleepy_Insomniac: Really? That's... pretty messed up that you did shit and ended up in a different boat. >>
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@ferrarimanf355: Nah, dude. I'm 100% in the same camp as you.
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So, I did some design work on the inaugural issue of the community magazine. More specifically, I did the banner/headers for reviews and previews. There's a ton that I did that didn't get in, so I thought I'd post them here. 


 Moar pylons

 lulz. Here's the preview: Sucks.

JJ Abrams, anyone? 

 My favorite one.


 Logo looks bad because it was mad low-res

Hermoine looks lame. 
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Ryan and Nate is the best photo-op ever. 
Also, holy shit that camera quality looks poor. 

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The fact that you spelt the thread name like that makes me want to kick you in the femur. 
That being said, no.

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A few, I guess. I own so much shit that I randomly play an old PS2 game and realize it's pretty bad ass. 
Metal Arms: Glitch in the System is a terrific third-person shooter/adventure game. Really funny and really good gameplay. Crazy hard, though. 
Zone of the Enders 1 and 2 because nobody seems to remember them. There needs to be a third one. Like, real bad. 
XGRA is a crazy awesome racing game. Like WipEout, only on motorbikes that break the sound barrier. 
Trapt is a creepy strategy/action game. You set traps in this awesome castle to kill dudes. It's great, albeit a little janky. 
Armed and Dangerous is a hilarious third-person shooter and probably one of the best original Xbox games to date. 
There's probably more but it's kind of 4 am. I need to sleep. 

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Dance Central and Cliffy B were the best thing at that conference. :(

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Not so cool on the Slim looking like an Alienware PC. Guess we'll have to see tomorrow what's true and what isn't. >>

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@Tebbit: Demon's Souls is horribly mean, but never in an unfair manner. I feel like I've learned to be a better gamer from playing it so much. Sounds retarded but I dunno. It's the feeling I get from it. 
And shame. Warped is clearly the superior Crash game.