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@fobwashed: PREP FOR THE PANEL.

@buzz_clik: You are too kind. (。・//ε//・。)

@theht: --Jeff radio voice-- EXCLUSIIIIIIIVE

@wolfenhex: PM me and we can probably set something up~

@MikeFerrari7: Looking forward to it!

@cooljammer00: There is and I'll never say why!! Hint hint it's because after working in F2P games if I hear the word "collectible card" I am going to slit all my wrists.

@daveyo520: If we don't say hi to each other I'm gonna throw the biggest shit-fit.

@enk1du: Sadly I don't think I'll reprint these but who knows! Maybe something new will come along later that I can distribute more openly. :>

@mechakirby: I 100% agree with you. Sadly, I just had no time to make him or the others I wanted. Plus, this was coming hot off the heels of that super-time-consuming Rorie poster I made earlier last month. I'd like to add him and other GB/GS people later, still.

@el_funko: Thanks, Obama.

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oh hey my BESbswyBESb buddy is back

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@shishkebab09: See bottom.

@paulunga: I dunno, I'm getting that error, too. Giant Bomb and its editor are... not very kind towards images.

@johnsonic7: Thanks!

@crocbox: Thank you!! :>

@krevee: See bottom

@gla55jaw: <33

@everfrost: Probably really judgmental of me to associate "small business" with "shitty-ass 90s cellphone" but eh, looks funnier!

@voshinova: Thank you! :D

@skippersonne: Bow to audience.

@ocelotfox: Thanks!!

@josephknows: Thank you :D

@hardtarget: See bottom

@unclebenny: thank you :>

@alwaysbebombing: it's what i was born to do. that, and complain a lot

@dudeglove: no u <3

@dprotp: I was thinking something like that but I'd feel bad leaving some people out over others. I'll have to think it over.

For everyone asking:

I will make a wallpaper of this because like one out of every 6 comments is asking about it. You are all too lovely. <3 I'm quite busy for the next few days so hopefully you can wait until then. I'm also working on some new additions to the cast.

Additionally, I'd like to get input from people going to PAX East: Would you be into being able to buy like... a pack of trading cards based off these fellas? I'm thinking of printing them in MTG/Pokémon-sized cards and then packaging them into trading card slips or something. Not fully sure how I'd package them, actually. -- Anyway, point is that for as much as I'd LOVE to do that, I'd actually only be able to do it if the costs were offset. To have them printed all nicely, I'd have to charge maybe $5 or something for a full "set" of them. (As in every character.)

I don't know, I'm just gauging interest because it's too late to have shirts done and I'd like to do something for PAX East. If anyone else has ideas, I'm open to it!

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@onimonkii: best idea

@sah_din: that would probably make my year

@defe: Thank you :>


@captaincody: Thank you!

@superfusion: I try not to think of that ;-; Largely because I know a lot of people who have gotten significantly further since and I get very sad, hahaha. But thank you :> We'll see about Otakuthon!

@triplestan: SEGA HIT M--oh wait, I don't think they do capsule toys. ... TOMY hmu, I guess? They still gotta be in that business, right?

@mithical: Thanks!

@mezmero: That's a lot of adjectives, oh my! Thank you. :>

@unsolvedparadox: Thank you :D

@mocbucket62: Haven't figured that out yet!


@y2ken: Thank you so much. :'>

@tuxfool: Thank you!

@monotreme: Peegs!

@poisonmonkey: I... would really like to. I want to do other GB/CBSi people; I guess I've avoided thinking about Ryan because I've yet to do a proper tribute to him. :< Maybe this is finally the venue to do so.

@sanj: Oh? I didn't make one of Jeff, actually. I did do one of his client, however.

@nickscorner: Thank you :>

@demazin: Maybe! Maybe to both!!

@krevee: Now I just need to make the rest of the extended GB family before my bonitis gets to me.


@klarion18: Thank you!

@konig_kei: Peegs!

@aperfecttool72: @dprotp: I might make a wallpaper out of it if I can figure out a good way of doing so. :>

@s-bot: :'> thank you

@lestephan: Thank you! I'm glad I got help for them--they really help make it as silly a project as I wanted it to be, haha.

@probablytuna: Thanks!

@cloudymusic: Thank you!!

@duncankeller: Thanks!

@sgtsphynx: Thank you :>

@shinmaru007: I dunno, I'd be pretty scared to hug Dr. Tracksuit.

@gaspower: I wish I had thought of this earlier! It's too late to get something done in time for PAX East but maybe I can think of something else...

@jdp83: Thank you!

@pepsiman: You made all the difference. <3

@vessel28: Those are very kind words, thank you. :>

@flappy: Thank you :>

@daveyo520: I try! Thanks, David. :>

@ben_h: Thank you!

@yakov456: Thanks!!

@roboculus92: Thank you!! :D

@bulby33: :DDD That is very very kind of you to say, thank you!

@liquiddragon: Thank you! :>

@selbie: Please, alpaca. But thank you ;'D

@naoiko: Thank you!! :D

@meatball: You are tremendous!

@itwongo: Thank you!! :D

@i_speel_my_dreenk: For real I keep saying it and I keep meaning Sega please call me


i know you're firing like 40% of your workforce but pls


@coinmatze: I was thinking of doing that, yeah. Maybe I can get around to it soon.

@crono: Thank you :>


@skyebaron: Thank you :D

@nightriff: It's pretty great!

@jintor: Thank you! :D

@sergio: I want to make some for the extended GB family but they'll have to wait. D: So much art, so little time.

@raikoh05: Thanks :>

@rapid: ありがとう!

@flyboyjose: Thank you :D I tried my best to capture the style and I'm really happy with how they turned out, yeah.

@alek: Thank you :>

@thunderslash: Peegs!

@drebin_893: Thank you :D

@bboymaestro: ;'D Thanks man

@baka_shinji17: Thank you! c:

@aznxchunky: thanks!!

@artisanbreads: Thank you :>

@hampe: Said it once and I'll say it again, plushie makers hmu

@shadowswordmaster: Aw :'D Thank you for the kind words!

@pinkkis: I WISH. Hhnnnggg. I would do it for PAX East but there's not enough time until then. :( Maybe I can figure out something else before then.

@turbomonkey138: Thank you!

@eladren: Jason's is seriously my favorite. I think I captured him best but his outfit and name are just so great, haha.

@bakermikeromeo: Thank you :'D

@demoskinos: I don't think my art's ever been called "disgusting" in a positive manner but hey, I'll take it! Thanks duder :>

@xeteh: Thank you :'>

@olqavtoras: As soon as I heard it, I knew it was the right name to pick, haha.

@fish_face_mcgee: Thanks!!

@two_socks: Thank you :>

@lyfeforce: plushie makers hmu (Though in all fairness, the alpaca idea is obviously derived from Alpaca Adventure's Drew plushie.)


@halogamer2145: Fish lives on in our hearts.

@ghettrogamer: Thank you!!

@truthtellah: That's really far for a face to fall!

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@wemibelec90: yesssssssssssss. this is great and exactly what i needed after playing Loner in Pump it Up today, haha.

@angelcurry said:

@onimonkii: all hail nine muses! I love the two new members, Sojin and Keumjo.

still unable to stop listening to it. a+++ comeback

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@shagge: thank you!!

@robbparris: that one's my favorite too! :D

@grace_omega: This is my favorite comment.

@hassun: Oh no, not at all. Jeff's gamertag is simply there as he is responsible for Dr. Tracksuit's actions on the Puyopuyo court.

@starvinggamer: Thank you. :D

@giant_frying_pan: I dunno I didn't figure this was really on-topic to anything, haha.

@hammondoftexas: Thank you :D

@fattony12000: ay ay ay

@topsteer: alpacas too OP

@kevinwalsh: Ahhh thank you! I'm quite pleased with how they turned out, too. :>

@amyggen: you're great!

@quid_pro_bono: Thank you :'D

@getz: long answer: i've been dealing with some very difficult personal issues and art is a wonderful way to escape it all. short answer: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@jaina_solo_: :'D thank you for the kind words!

@arbitrarywater: Thank you!!

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@billymaysrip: Fish is always with us at heart.

@wumbo3000: :D thank you <33

@lucri: Maybe! I'd love to get Rorie and Danny in but right now I need to CHILL and maybe do something else with my art time. Been at it for a while with these, haha.

@bsstephan: SOME DAY (i hope)

@kirlia: thank you!!

@chaser324: that means a lot to hear, chase. :> thank you

@librorumprohibitorum: thank you!! :'D

@cooltube96:Thanks :D

@slowbird:thank you :'>

@superkenon: not sure how i would turn these into a wallpaper D: not even sure they're at the right size for it? ill check it out and update if i do make one, though :>

@mento: yeah i dunno man, shit's borked. i can link it to you offsite and maybe you can try and replace it?

@jeanluc: @ssully: someone tell sega to hmu. seriously i wanna go work there because someone in that company has to be the voice for a new JSRF (and thank you!! <3)

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Wow, I have no idea what that text is at the bottom but if I edit anything it'll probably break again so w/e. If a mod wants to try and format it better then please do, by all means.

Some notes I wanted to add on the names. Again, shout out to @pepsiman for helping me translate these into actual jokes and not just my poor-ass direct translations.

  • Dr. Tracksuit - His name is actually written as "Tracksuit-hakase", the honorific given in a more professor/scholar-like role. Essentially "Tracksuit, PhD." Though it's inaccurate, (the correct translation being "Tracksuit-sensei") we both thought it was way funnier to imply he actually has some form of professionalism to his... craft.
  • Peegbot - Peegs.
  • Captain Fuzzy - Literally "Captain Fuwafuwa", the latter half of the name is made to emphasize the cute/fuzzy nature of alpaca Drew. Alpacas!
  • The Wolf - Awooo!
  • Small Business-san - Almost went with "Shoukigyou Man" as if he were some kind of superhero, but the idea of someone actually being referred to as "Small Business-san" is just too funny not to use.
  • Damerica - I had originally written this as Dan-merica but as Pepsiman cleverly pointed out, dropping the "ン" would give 'Damerika', the perfect word play. "Dame" is commonly used as a means of saying "stop" in a chastising, disapprovingly questioning way, i.e.: Something you'd probably say to Dan a lot.
  • A-Striker - There's no real cleverness to this, I just think the way you pronounce Jason's name is rad as fuck and it makes for the best character name if phonetically written.
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@earlessshrimp: I'm not! I'm just pretending to be!! D: But thank you so much, duder. :>

@rmanthorp: AMG's okay but they're no NISMO, tbh. Barely even a in-its-heyday TRD. (thank you, man :>)

@zolroyce: Thank you ;-; I love what I do but I don't think it's particularly incredible or anything. It means so much to me that someone would take a few seconds to say something nice, so I try to reciprocate that as best I can. It's the least I can do.

@shadowswordmaster: Too kind. c': Thank you.

@chango: Thank you! :D

@entreri10: Thanks!!

@y2ken: That's so nice of you to say, thank you. :'D

@themanwithnoplan: Thanks :>

@dudeglove: I never left! I just lurrrrrrkkkk.

@selfconfessedcynic: Thank you! I think my schedule is faaaaaaaar too busy to do that but I'd be into someone else taking that on!