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@billymaysrip: Fish is always with us at heart.

@wumbo3000: :D thank you <33

@lucri: Maybe! I'd love to get Rorie and Danny in but right now I need to CHILL and maybe do something else with my art time. Been at it for a while with these, haha.

@bsstephan: SOME DAY (i hope)

@kirlia: thank you!!

@chaser324: that means a lot to hear, chase. :> thank you

@librorumprohibitorum: thank you!! :'D

@cooltube96:Thanks :D

@slowbird:thank you :'>

@superkenon: not sure how i would turn these into a wallpaper D: not even sure they're at the right size for it? ill check it out and update if i do make one, though :>

@mento: yeah i dunno man, shit's borked. i can link it to you offsite and maybe you can try and replace it?

@jeanluc: @ssully: someone tell sega to hmu. seriously i wanna go work there because someone in that company has to be the voice for a new JSRF (and thank you!! <3)

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Wow, I have no idea what that text is at the bottom but if I edit anything it'll probably break again so w/e. If a mod wants to try and format it better then please do, by all means.

Some notes I wanted to add on the names. Again, shout out to @pepsiman for helping me translate these into actual jokes and not just my poor-ass direct translations.

  • Dr. Tracksuit - His name is actually written as "Tracksuit-hakase", the honorific given in a more professor/scholar-like role. Essentially "Tracksuit, PhD." Though it's inaccurate, (the correct translation being "Tracksuit-sensei") we both thought it was way funnier to imply he actually has some form of professionalism to his... craft.
  • Peegbot - Peegs.
  • Captain Fuzzy - Literally "Captain Fuwafuwa", the latter half of the name is made to emphasize the cute/fuzzy nature of alpaca Drew. Alpacas!
  • The Wolf - Awooo!
  • Small Business-san - Almost went with "Shoukigyou Man" as if he were some kind of superhero, but the idea of someone actually being referred to as "Small Business-san" is just too funny not to use.
  • Damerica - I had originally written this as Dan-merica but as Pepsiman cleverly pointed out, dropping the "ン" would give 'Damerika', the perfect word play. "Dame" is commonly used as a means of saying "stop" in a chastising, disapprovingly questioning way, i.e.: Something you'd probably say to Dan a lot.
  • A-Striker - There's no real cleverness to this, I just think the way you pronounce Jason's name is rad as fuck and it makes for the best character name if phonetically written.
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@earlessshrimp: I'm not! I'm just pretending to be!! D: But thank you so much, duder. :>

@rmanthorp: AMG's okay but they're no NISMO, tbh. Barely even a in-its-heyday TRD. (thank you, man :>)

@zolroyce: Thank you ;-; I love what I do but I don't think it's particularly incredible or anything. It means so much to me that someone would take a few seconds to say something nice, so I try to reciprocate that as best I can. It's the least I can do.

@shadowswordmaster: Too kind. c': Thank you.

@chango: Thank you! :D

@entreri10: Thanks!!

@y2ken: That's so nice of you to say, thank you. :'D

@themanwithnoplan: Thanks :>

@dudeglove: I never left! I just lurrrrrrkkkk.

@selfconfessedcynic: Thank you! I think my schedule is faaaaaaaar too busy to do that but I'd be into someone else taking that on!

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@rorie: No worries!! It's okay, I'm just super thrilled you like it! :>

@cogzwell: Thank you!! :D

@superfusion: I don't know if I'll be exhibiting this year, actually. My studio might have a table this year to show our game off and that might take up my time, forcing me to not exhibit my personal stuff. When it comes around, though, I can likely print a few prints of it for GB people who drop by?

@bbalpert: Thanks!! :D It was all @bboymaestro's idea, haha.

@alwaysbebombing: YOU ARE

@lausebub: Thank you!!

@klarion18: Thanks :D

@sparky_buzzsaw: Thank you!

@monkeyman04: He has on Twitter. :> And thanks!!

@mithical: Thank you! :D

@theht: Thanks!

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@wemibelec90: Yeah, it's all dialogue, haha. It's actually some weird like... radio play of Bomi negotiating with an angel to get into heaven. It's a really fun way to break up the tracks.

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@fobwashed: SOON. Well, soon-ish. Gonna be busy for the next bit but I'm hoping to finish it up as fast as i can.

@hamst3r: <333333

@truthtellah: it's not real, haha. i just made it because the shit logo made me think of it looking really good as some fake Daytona USA sponsor