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And here I was thinking I might go and submit something this year. These are bloody great, well done good duder, well done indeed.

Don't let that stop you! The rules make it so that we can only win for one thread out of the five, that way everyone has a chance. :>

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y'all are too kind ;-;

I had another idea so I made another set. Didn't do EA and Ubi though 'cause they don't have consoles and frankly this was long enough to do that I really didn't want to do more ahaha.

Where's @buzz_clik, @b0nd07, and @fobwashed in all this though??? WHERE Y'ALL AT

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@ftrevelin said:

Been using BetterDS3 as an alternative to motioninjoy, quite good, never had any problems.

Xinput wrapper is a better alternative. The Motioninjoy/BetterDS3 drivers have a tendency to blue-screen your PC if you accidentally disconnect your dualshock while it's activated.

I've used MotionJoy (and moved to BetterDS3) for something like 2 years on PC until I got my DS4 and never had that happen once. :|

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@marino said:

@vincentvendetta: Classy. I also love the reference to it being the 20th E3. My only criticism is that while Hohokum looks super fun, I'm not sure it's the most iconic thing to put there.

I feel similarly, though I'm way into Mirror's Edge being in the EA one because fuck yesssssss.

Also hot tip: when doing pixel text, never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever leave anti-aliasing on. Always put it to "none," because the lines blur out and it's a bummer. Those fonts were meant to have harsh edges. Use 'em!

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@crommi: Unintentional! I'll fix it at some point hopefully-probably.

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Here is my entry for Nintendo...

This is my favorite thing.

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What freeware can I use to make GIFs or even do photoshop type things besides the Gimp, always hated that confusing piece...

You can use stuff

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@lava: I like the simplicity of them, though they bear a striking conceptual resemblance to face15's banners. ;A;

Hot tip: try fixing the composition, (text on left, logo on right, for example) or knocking out the logos some more to make the text stand out some. Even with the drop shadow, they blend in together a lot and the text is hard to read as a result.

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@toots: About an hour's worth of looking up tutorials/help pages, realising they're all kinda bad, and messing around in After Effects for a while until I got something I liked. Channel blurs, noise, frame displacements, etc.

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The giant bomb E3 banner thread is pretty much the only time I use photoshop each year. I really enjoy doing it and I always learn something new. This year .gifs! I've never made one before but that didn't stop me. Just spent a couple hours fiddling around with the banners I made the other day and figured out how to animate stuff in photoshop. Yay for learning new stuff!

God damn that's good.

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@aurahack: Nah, it's not truly Geocities until we're bombarded with auto-playing midis.