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These might be my only submissions--I'm low on free time this week. Good luck to everyone! (Also shit @flasaltine starting with a show-stopper.)

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I think that'd be tough to set up depending on the book? Like, I just got through Inside Scientology but it took me a good month-and-a-half 'cause I read on the metro to and from work only. (All the time I have for reading.) I'm working my way through A Tale for The Time Being right now but I'd be interested in this some time down the line. :o

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This is so great but I completely lost my shit at Brad sleeping. A+++ duder!

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@heatdrive88 said:

@casinoghostt: Unless I'm missing something, I actually like the default setup of the Mini Countryman, with exception of modifying the gear ratios to be a lot shorter. I've found this to be a common trend among all cars and their default setups though. Too much doddling around in the 1st and 2nd gears when the action should be in 2nd to 4th.

For what it's worth I set a decent time for this Season 2 and placed 2nd overall as of time of this posting - I have no idea how Aura-Shin-hye posted almost a full minute difference from my time - I'll just assume he's the living spirit of Colin McRae himself.

They've always said I was part Scottish. (I'm not.) I think I gained most of my time in the hairpins. I tried my best to Scandinavian Flick my way through 'em and it seems to have worked pretty well.

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I was playing SOCOM II under the name n00dles_g4 (Yikes.) and, since I was in one of the higher ranked clans at the time, wanted to have a more original name. I was also playing Psi-OPS around then which had a power called "Aura View" and I saw a .hack game on a nearby OPM issue or something, so I put the two together. "aura" and "hack". Only, like an idiot, I spelled it as "Aura H A C K" in-game. The all-capitalized 'hack' stuck around until maybe four years ago until I just lowercased it all the time.

My avatar is a self-portrait that I drew. :]

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patiently watitng until friday. bless Alt+F1 and Danswers for something to tide me over 'till then!

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@Trace said:

Speaking of retries, I'm going to go ahead and put this out there, so nobody feels shafted for not knowing when they still have time to run.

Aurahack discovered on his stream earlier that using "Save and Quit" in the middle of a bad run on a stage will allow you to repeat that stage without consequence. That definitely shouldn't be the case; if anything, it should force you onto the next stage with the maximum time applied to the stage that was quit out on.

So yeah, unless this is a consequence of allowing event restarts (doubtful), sounds like we have unlimited stage retries until Codemasters fixes this. Go nuts, y'all.

I kinda feel awful about that, tbh. I'm down for full event retries but being able to reset individual stages made it a lot less stressful.

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@shortbreadtom said:

Another one of these, huh?

'Bout that time.

I'm sorry to hear like that but you're never gonna get anywhere constantly thinking "Man, it was way better back then." Things change. Even the site, today, would be exactly as it was three or four years ago, things would still be different, and you might still not entirely be into it. I think we all hold past moments of the site dearly in our hearts and minds, but holding them up as some standard is a pretty easy way to feel bummed 24/7.

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The only way I managed to beat him was by summoning a friend. Rom is fucking lame. If you REALLY need to go at it offline, the best strategy seems to be in phase 2 and 3, kiting the smaller spiders away from him--enough to leave an opening--so that you can dive in, get a few hits in, then bail out. It's a real test of patience. If you just take a couple pot shots in here and there, he'll eventually go down. Throw some high Arcane resist armor on in case his ice attacks get you and hope for the best.

Also, bolt paper. Shit does pretty heavy damage.

But yeah, fuck Rom and fuck spiders.