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The giant bomb E3 banner thread is pretty much the only time I use photoshop each year. I really enjoy doing it and I always learn something new. This year .gifs! I've never made one before but that didn't stop me. Just spent a couple hours fiddling around with the banners I made the other day and figured out how to animate stuff in photoshop. Yay for learning new stuff!

God damn that's good.

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@aurahack: Nah, it's not truly Geocities until we're bombarded with auto-playing midis.

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I'll second that. I used to hate gimp, but once you get used to the weird interface it's a perfectly legit image editor.

Alternatively, I recommend Paint.NET. It's super lightweight, user-friendly, and does a lot more than I ever thought a free image editor would let you. I could never get used to GIMP because I always thought the UI was shit. :(

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@face15: These are really simple and really fucking clever. I love them.

@Trace: Need For Speed and Gran Turismo are givens, in all fairness. Monaco GP 2 is me being totally shameless though, yeah.

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@sirdesmond: Thanks!!

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I will publicly disclose that I will not vote for any banners that are animated.

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@alcor741: Those are some graphic-ass banners right there. Really nice looking, man! :D



(God it's like a Geocities page up in here now. I'm sorry, I'll make some non-GIF ones tomorrow but I really had to get this idea out of the way because it's too dumb I love it.)

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can we make it a rule that all submissions must be created while listening to Quad City DJs in the background

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whatever happens they're all a bunch of insufferable bastards.


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Whether or not it's actually Dan, even thinking about the possibility is my favorite thing ever.

Pretty much. The more I think about it, the more I am 1000000000% for this happening but just thinking about it makes me all giddy.

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I'm confused about why people thought it was Zoe and the reasoning for why Giantbomb would hire her. She's a game designer and having listened to her speak about the subject on places like Bombin' the A.M. it sounds like she wouldn't give it up for the world. Why would she abandon her dream to work at Giantbomb? Just because they have a good relationship with each other doesn't mean that Zoe wants to write about video games from a strictly journalistic perspective.

She applied, so I guess your thinking is wrong, and that's why people would think it'd be her?

I'm not gonna pretend I know how she thinks but Zoe really seems like the type to try new and exciting things. I weep for the person who wouldn't find a position on the GB crew any kinds of exciting.