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@euandewar: Shiina is amazing. Very good diversity in the vocal range and music arrangement make her albums really interesting to listen to.

I thought her most recent album was actually kind of disappointing. :( Her more recent features held my interest far more. All Gyakuyunyuu Kouwankyoku made me want to do was listen to Seiko Oomori. D:

@johncallahan: This goes to you as much as it does anyone else who was into Check out Suiyoubi no Campanella ASAP.

Their albums have completely taken over my life right now. KOM_I's talking/rapping is amazing and their MVs are an absolute delight. Their most recent album, Cinema Jack, is like... top 3 on my best of list for this year, easily.

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Bring someone with you who either knows cars or can haggle especially well. Both if you can. My sister was able to knock off like, 4K off her new Fiesta Titanium, hopefully you can get someone to pull an equally good deal for you.

If you're buying used, you might want to look into Japanese cars. The Shaken test over there has essentially made manufacturers ensure their cars are as durable as possible, hence why you kinda see old-ass Honda Civics still driving around like they're new. Both Honda and Mazda have the best record in terms of durability, IIRC.

But as someone who's only ever co-owned a car with his parents, I'll give my stupid advice that comes from nothing other than being a car nut: Feel matters a whole lot. Getting good mileage and a car in prime condition is great but it won't matter if you don't like driving it. Double that for when you have to take care of it. If you get a smile on your face every time you sit down in it and drive, you'll be way more inclined to keep it in good condition and that will pay off in the long run.

Good luck!

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@zombiepie: Y'know, letting people enjoy the things they enjoy isn't particularly difficult. I'd rather suggest seeking out help for being a bitter, hateful monster. :]


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Damn will @aurahack ever win anything with his VHS banner?

He can't now.

And he didn't.

Which is fine! I didn't enter to win. :> Thanks to the mods, tho.

(And this was my favorite out of the two sets anyway so I'm double-pleased!)

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@mattyftm: I really hope it's an English thing that y'all spell it like us Frenchies do.

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And here I was thinking I might go and submit something this year. These are bloody great, well done good duder, well done indeed.

Don't let that stop you! The rules make it so that we can only win for one thread out of the five, that way everyone has a chance. :>

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y'all are too kind ;-;

I had another idea so I made another set. Didn't do EA and Ubi though 'cause they don't have consoles and frankly this was long enough to do that I really didn't want to do more ahaha.

Where's @buzz_clik, @b0nd07, and @fobwashed in all this though??? WHERE Y'ALL AT

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Been using BetterDS3 as an alternative to motioninjoy, quite good, never had any problems.

Xinput wrapper is a better alternative. The Motioninjoy/BetterDS3 drivers have a tendency to blue-screen your PC if you accidentally disconnect your dualshock while it's activated.

I've used MotionJoy (and moved to BetterDS3) for something like 2 years on PC until I got my DS4 and never had that happen once. :|