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@chiablo: I did. I've tried two different promo codes, and neither have worked. Not sure if the site is having problems, but it's loading just fine for me, it just says the promo code cannot be applied to my purchase.

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Has this been disabled? I'm in my shopping cart and it is rejecting my promo code

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I find it to be a very interesting premise, and quite immersive as a game. I have several huge gripes with the game design. There are a lot of design decisions that hinder my enjoyment greatly. You can carry medicine, a water bottle, flasks, and potions in your book, but you carry all plants in your left hand. You can only carry 4 plants at a time. Why can I synthesize plants into medicine, pills and shots, but I can't fashion a backpack out of something? And you won't let me place pants in the book, but the book can have all that stuff in it. Maybe this happens later on, but I doubt it. The majority of my gripes come with the fact that they've created their own engine. I applaud their hard work, but at the same time I have to say that if you set out to create your own engine, you should be quite aware that people have grown accustomed to a certain quality of animations, graphics, and user experience. There are several free options that would perform better than what they have.

The animations of your hands and arms are just very below par for a game released in 2012, even if it's done by 2 people. Look down to see your hands and arms. Left hand, no watch. Press right click, your wrist magically has a watch on it. Swinging your weapon is always the same animation, and you can't aim it. You can aim it horizontally, but it always occurs at the same height. You can't aim your swings low, you can't kill wildlife, you don't even need to EAT. In a game where I'm fighting for my survival, I would expect to at least eat. You persist off medicine and water. You find fruit all over the place, but it's used as a weapon. You find sticks on the ground and they immediately catch fire and turn into a torch. The game is conflicting on its own design by giving you realism and survival gameplay on one platter, and the opposite on another platter.

User experience is below par, but take that with a grain of salt. As an indie game developed by a team of 2, there's quite a lot that has to be done. There are issues here, but they might not stick out to everyone.

This is the type of game that you should play if you find yourself a fan of games like Amnesia, but definitely keep in mind the fact that it is made by a team of 2. Don't expect the same level of polish, but enjoy it for the great effort they've made with what they have.

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My first thought was the same as everyone's: why not put in the $28 yourselves? Then I did a little more digging and found that in a lot of cases projects with relatively low goals like 50k, are being funded in great part by themselves. They ask relatives, friends, and everyone they know to please donate. A lot of those pledges come in as loans until the goal is met, and then they would have to repay them. In a case like this, I have a feeling that a lot of the goal was pledged in that sort of "loan form" and it would have not been worthwhile for them to even get it, since they would have to repay so many people and have had so little of the actual funds to use on the project.

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I'm not sure what exactly it is, but my entire guild from WoW is reforming in GW2 after our last member quit playing over 2 years ago. We haven't been on any other MMO for more than a free trial / beta test, but GW2 has us super hyped, and we've tried the BWEs and stress tests and are still itching to go tonight

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It depends on what makes them hideous. Are they horribly overweight or disfigured? No. If it's someone who looks genetically ugly, then I believe everyone has a style in which they can dress that makes them look good. When I was in my teens I was one of the 'ugly kids', and I later realized it was because I didn't care for how I dressed and presented myself. Too many people fall into the "skater" fashion simply because they default to it, and it looks good on no one.

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Hmm... I don't know. Bethesda has become legendary for their terrible game engines and for releasing buggy games, imagine that in an MMO. Not only that, I always felt like there wasn't much gear in TES games, that's not something that would be acceptable in an MMO. How do they plan on using their mediocre (to say the least) combat in an MMO setting? Lots of things remain to be seen, but like most people here, I'm expecting a trainwreck or a mildly entertaining "other MMO" to add to the list of MMOs in the world. I don't understand the difficulty in making an original game that just so happens to have lots of people playing it. Why do they all revolve around raids and fetch quests?

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How much content is actually in this? Someone in this thread said it was an hour. Is it really that short? I would assume getting to level 13 would be at least 3 hours

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Why 16GB of 1600 RAM? Is this for gaming or for video production? I have 8GB and barely use more than 4

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I had one hell of a time finding a copy of Valkyria Chronicles for PS3. I'd imagine it would become one of those more expensive titles for nostalgia collectors 15 years from now.