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Looking for the commando head "Snowblind" on PS3. It was a pre-order DLC.

Will trade all of these

Critical Conference Call(lvl.50/Orange Shotgun)

The Bee(lvl.50/Orange Shield)

Grounded Whiskey Tango Foxtrot(lvl.50/Orange Shield)

Bowie Maggie(lvl.50/Orange Pistol)

Analytical Bitch(lvl.50/Orange SMG)

Guaranteed Baby Maker(lvl.50/Orange SMG)

Proactive Plasma Caster(Lvl.50/E-tech Pink SMG)

Slayer of Terramorphous Class Mod for Commando, Siren, Gunzerker, or Assassin(lvl.50/Orange Class Mod)

Private message me if you want to trade. If you want something else ask, i will do anything for this skin(Literally, sing, cry, bake you cookies, moose stuff, Gangnam Style from here to Korea and back, anything). PSN is auissecasper0619, hit me up.