And downhill we go...

The last "true" Sonic the Hedgehog was Sonic 3 and Knuckles for the Genesis (for me at least). Since Sonic Adventure, the blue hedgehog has lost track of who he is. Sure, Sonic Rush was great, but it wasn't the real next Sonic game we are still waiting for. Sonic Unleashed looks promising I must say; let's just hope the Werehog stages aren't as painful as they look.


So I've reviewed Suikoden V...

...and would like some comments. I had written this review back in 2006 when SV first came out. I had posted it on GameSpot, and now I'm adding it here on GiantBomb (with some updates). Since it's my first review, I would like you guys to comment it as much as you can. Constructive criticism please! I want to get better at this, and it won't happen by simply getting flamed. Thanks.



Apparently, some big annoucement which is supposed to "swing the ball back towards Sony" is to be featured at Square Enix' party on the 2nd and 3rd of August. The event is called DKΣ3713. I cross my fingers that they announce the remake of Final Fantasy VII exclusive for the PS3. We know it's coming, we just want to know when. Come on SE!! Unveil it already!!

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