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My mutant powers did not appear at birth, they were dormant until my eighteenth birthday. On that day a mutant hating group attacked my parents and me. I ran away to protect my parents and eventually Logan (Wolvernine) found me and brought me to Xavier's School. We then found out that my mental abilities far surpassed Prof. Xavier's and Jean Greys. I now help the X-men protect mankind and mutants. Even though humans tried to hurt me I still want to protect them because I know that not all of them are bad. I enjoy writing, reading fanfiction, Youtube, Tumblr, and Polyvore. I have been diagnosed with high-functioning autism and hypothyroidism. My SuperPowers are Nuerokinesis, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Adrenal Activation, Empathy, Enhanced Regeneration, Psychic Navigation, Medium Ship. My Weaknesses are Severe Arachnophobia, Loud Sounds, Severe Acrophobia, Hot Guys, Sensitive Nervous System. My Battle Cry is I would have one, but I have already shut off your nerve impulses before you could even attack me. I can also be found on Anime Vice, Comic Vine, and Screened.