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Another important concept I recall their discussing in the all story is that the player character is the "chosen one," which wasn't even in Halo and Mass Effect until their most recent installments.

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I got Black Ops I as part of a PS3 bundle (I think that counts). I enjoyed it and will on occasion play some multi (even though I'm terrible at shooters) but not enough to justify getting another one, especially with how long Activision takes to mark down the MSRP on those games.

For some reason I find myself intrigued by Titanfall, though I don't know why (no Xbox and again, I suck at shooters).

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Probably the Tony Hawk Shred QL?

My favorite is the part in the Fortune Street QL where Ryan makes District D go nuts.

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I dunno how important this is since a google search gave me the review I wanted to look at again, but as far as I can tell there's no internal hyperlink from any of the dead space pages (main, reviews, news, etc.) to Brad's review of the game.

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So what happened with Dota yesterday? I had to leave but the twitch vod cut out right about the time I left. Did they finish the game?

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I don't know if this is being too pedantic, but since the latter is less specific to Mario:

Rename Floating brick -> Floating block (switch with alias)

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For Violet in particular it was get the visa or join mandatory Korean military service.

Terminology issues aside, I don't see how anyone can be against giving players visas. If you have an ability to make a reasonable income from tournament winnings and sponsorships but can't due to being denied access to the country where events take place, well that kinda sucks.

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272? That has to be one for every work day of the year!

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Isn't Roshan on the Dire side of the map? I guess this is supposed to be one of the tradeoffs?