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From the 2009 GOTY Bombcast (probably my favorite bombcast, actually), timestamp 1:47:20

Ryan: So our top 3 DS games are Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, GTA: Chinatown Wars, and Rhythm Heaven, with Mario & Luigi taking it, for the gold. Brought to you by Del Taco and their new chicken soft taco, get one today.

Vinny: For your own inside story.

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Huh. I was just re-listening to the Spetember 4 2012 bombcast and this statement struck out at me (~2h 21m).

Jeff: [About Konami] "They've got soccer, and they've got Kojima [...]"

Brad: "I don't think you can even say they have Kojima. I think you have to say they have Metal Gear."

It's also where they talk about even vs odd metal gear games being good, if you find entertainment in that argument.

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That's awesome! Even if slightly disconcerting in a "Ryan Davis is a Narc" type of way. Still, probably the best argument for "everything is in the cloud" I've seen yet.

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@jslack: No prob, I was just curious.

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Was there a feature where you could type in, say, "video: reax" into the search bar and just videos with that in the title will show up? If so then the feature currently doesn't work (I made sure to "check all" and no bueno). Standard search by type is fine if you manually check and uncheck boxes but a return of the above feature would be welcome if possible.

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The return to the Ishimura

in Dead Space 2. It was a great way to bring up old memories but not be lazy about it: the new assets (the UV and covers over everything) say everything that needs to be said.

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@jay_ray said:

If you can preorder the game it usually unlocks at midnight though it seems to be up to the publisher whether it is midnight est or pst

I didn't know that! But yeah, if you're not gonna do that, the store updates usually between 1-4 PM PST or midnight CEST.

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Super Monkey Ball 2? I'm looking through my own library and it's the only game that seems appropriate for the situation.

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Hopefully I'm not the only one to think, "this thread headline is 15 years too late."

Also hopefully they'll continue to bring existing franchises to PC, but who knows what Sega's thinking at the moment.