How Much Value Have I Gotten Out of My Video Game Collection?

A lot of people here have lists of all the games they own, so I wanted to do something at least a little different. See, with this year's winter Steam sale almost done, now would be the perfect time to grade the intelligence of all my purchasing decisions! I'll tell you how much I spent on a game (or a guess if I don't remember the exact figure), as well as the estimated amount of fun I've derived from a game (based not only on hour count, but how enjoyable that time spent was).

In this list Consumer Surplus (CS) refers to the economically defined difference between value derived from a game and the amount paid for it. I've decided to include games I've yet to invest large amounts of time in; these are sunk costs into assets that have yet to (It should be noted that I am while writing this the Fortune Street TNT archive).

This is a dynamic list! As time goes on I'll occasionally update to reflect new games bought or update values to reflect additional playtime. We'll start at what I consider the best and worst values I've gotten and expand from there.

Current total spent:

Estimated value derived:

Cumulative surplus:

List items

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