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It's funny how Activision drove the genre into the ground and then have the balls to give reasoning as to why it doesn't sell anymore. 

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My Account.  
All I have at the moment is an edit of a song at a concert I attended.  I plan to add more of the concert and some skits and shorts that I'm trying to film soon.
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I don't see a problem with it, and the post-search sidebar is actually quite convenient.

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I'm digging the live action Halo trailers.  The ODST one was better though IMO

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@Gabriel said:
" The best thing they could possibly do now would be to kill off characters big time. Here is a list of who I think could get the ax  Miles Lapidis Kate Sun Jin Claire Most of Witmores people  HurleyDesmond (Sayid probably killed him anyway) and as much as I like him Sawyer.  Remaining for the series Finale  Flocke Richard Jack Ben Sayid     Whitmore (?)For me these are the essential characters, everyone else is kinda filler. "
I don't see how you could think Hurley is not an essential character, if anything he's one of the most important considering how he ties into the fiction.  And Ben was actually supposed to be a minor role in the show but they fleshed him out for some of the more "filler" episodes in recent seasons   That's why Ben has taken a back seat and is barley a part of the final series story.
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The more I read this thread the angrier I get.  Why is it that 80% of this community think that if they choose to not smoke marijuana they have some kind of right to discriminate against and preach to someone who has made a different choice. 
Nobody would say the condescending things that are voiced in this thread about alcohol and it is proven that alcohol does more temporary and permanent damage to an individual than marijuana does, and I bet a lot of you are cigarette smokers too which is a worse habit than all three. 
If you think you are better than someone else because you don't smoke pot (or don't drink alcohol, or are straight, or are white etc.) than you are ignorant and have a superiority complex. 

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Damn, pot topics bring out the worst in the Giant Bomb community.  The condescending comments in here are overwhelming.

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Not a big Green Day fan but I do think that this kind of music works really well in rhythm games so maybe I'll pick it up, not for full price though.

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The name of this story wins on so many levels.