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Idle thumbs is pretty great, stopped listening to weekend confirmed when they started tackling the bigger issues in video games such as gender roles and females in games. Started kinda getting too full of themselves. Not once have a heard a conversation on a cucumber shooter attached to a shower head.

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Thanks a lot for this post. This changed my BF experience

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Doesn't seem to be much injustice love here. When the game first came out, started with Cat woman due to the speed and the deadly b3. Then I moved on to Raven, Batgirl and now playing with Lex. I guess I must just like the fast characters and the ladies I guess. Decided Lex recently to just mix things up.

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All I can say is " The Bodegga dance" Fucking great

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super hexagon

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Shining Force on the Genesis, Still wish that they put the third one out in North America. I heard they were doing a translation at one point but don't know what ever happened to that little project.

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@laserbolts: Used to work in Ft McMurray. Hated Ft McMurray

Now living in Casper, Wyoming. Long story on how I got here. I am Canadian though

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@McGhee said:

The only difference between being religious and being spiritual is that a religious person like to believe someone else's made up bullshit, while a spiritual person likes to believe their own made up bullshit.

Sounds good to me

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none of you people are allowed on Christian singles. dot com