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I've been playing locally, but I haven't done anything online yet. I've been waiting since the guys showed this off on the PC and it's as good as I thought it was going to be.

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I think I'd like to know a little more about this game before I pass final judgement. I like to play and experience all sort of games, so I may have to try this just to see how if feels to play it. I am guessing once you get into the game, it isn't going to feel any different than GTA, Saints Row or Hotline Miami or any other game similar to them.

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I have the Astro A50's and they work great on both my PS4 and my PC. I haven't tried it on the PS3 or 360 yet but playing Shadow of Mordor with them over the weekend was truly amazing.

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I was thinking the same thing after playing for an hour but then after about 15 hours, NO, the game is not easy.

Just keep playing and you will find out.

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When they did the update to 8.1 it fixed a few of the flaws that alot of people really had issues with. With the hardware you have, you may actually see a small performance increase by going to 8.1. I made the switch to 8.1 when I picked up an SSD last year and I couldn't be happier.

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I would try to hold out for the 900 series card if you can. Not only are the cards that much more powerful performance wise, they are also much more energy friendly from a power/heat perspective.

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I followed the guys over from Gamespot and really never looked back. Really liked what they did there and figured it could only be better once they started their own thing, and it definitely is!

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I'd like to get through Amnesia and Outlast already. Been putting those off for far too long.

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As several others have said, The Sandman by Neil Gaiman (published under the Vertigo line which is actually part of DC Comics).

I also used a read a comic in college called Faust, which was for lack of a better description, very interesting.

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I've been playing around with a game I found that is currently on Kickstarter called Project Gorgon. The game is being developed by a couple of people who worked on Asheron's Call and Asheron's Call 2. The game definitely doesn't have the triple A look like ArcheAge being an indie game and the gameplay is extremely reminiscent of old school mmo's and I really like it. The game is definitely a gem in the rough still but it sounds like their vision for the game is better than most I have heard lately.

The game is in Alpha and is currently free to play. If their Kickstarter fails which is looks like it will, I would definitely start paying to continue playing this game and see where they take it.