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Just wondering if this has been on anyone's radar? I started watching a few twitch streams on this shortly after it came out and picked it up immediately. I've been playing this with some friends from work and can't wait for the next patch to add more functionality into the game. So far though, it is a lot of fun.

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I just started up like 6 big water purifiers in my main town and I didn't experience this bug. I do have a supply line set up and I had some water in my workshop. I played for most of the evening and before I logged off I have over 50 in my workshop and only had around 5 when I started that I had placed in there.

I'm going to keep an eye on this now though.

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So i have been playing a lot of Mad Max and doing side missions. I completed all the jobs to fully build out Jeet's hideout. After doing this, my in game map will no longer open. It seems this is a known bug from hitting the steam forums and reading the 600+ posts there about this and it seems to happen across all platforms.

I have tried to kick off different cut scenes as I have heard that fixes it, but not one that I have kicked off has fixed it. If you are playing this and figured out a fix, please share. It seems that there isn't any consistency to fixing this as I have been told by several friends to try a few things that fixed it for them and it still won't work for me.

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I have a feeling that once the game is ready Sony is going to promote the hell out of the release date. When it's ready to be released, EVERYONE will know.

Sadly, I don't believe it will be in 2015.

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Lately I've been playing as many board games as I am video games. I'm probably spending more money on board games lately though. I started doing a podcast a while ago where I talk about the games I played for the week at www.whatimplayingnow.com . I talk about both video and board games and I try to play several new board games a week to discuss. I just picked up a camera to start doing some video reviews of board games which I hope to have on the site soon.

It's funny when people ask me what type of games I like and I respond with a simple answer of all. Once I tell them that I literally play all sorts of games from video, board, miniature, rpg they are like, wow you do play everything.

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I switched over to Doggcatcher a while ago after Beyondpod did their horrible interface upgrade which I never cared for.

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A very old MMO named Asheron's Call which I believe was released in November of '99 and I started playing in December of '99.

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Just saw that this hit Kickstarter earlier today and I immediately backed this. The Bard's Tale series was one of my favorite RPG series on my C-64 back in the day. If you back in the first 24 hours you get a free copy of Wasteland 2 which sounds like a good deal to me!

I can't wait to see what they do with this game as the last couple of games they have released have been very well received and were really good games.

The Bard's Tale IV

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Been using ESET Nod 32 for years now and sticking with it.

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With Project Cars coming out, I'm waiting to hear read some reviews on that one before really deciding on picking it up. I got The Crew for free with my GTX 970 video card and I felt ripped off by that.