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Playing on PS4 and haven't noticed any issues. Only thing that seems to take a little time are the load screens, but they aren't that bad that you can't live with it.

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@consaw: Thank you duder!! I grabbed this one: NA PS4: HL39-3ANM-NTM2

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Looking for a spare PS4 NA code if anyone might have one. Thanks!

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So I heard about this game a while ago and was following it on and off and noticed that it was actually released today on both Humble Bundle and Steam. I was just reading some of the "reviews" that people had left on Steam and so far it doesn't look that good. I am a huge Neil Gaiman fan and was hoping the story in this game would be really worthwhile.

Wondering if any duders picked this up and looking for a little bit more information before I pick this one up.

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I had to look at the pictures I have uploaded here, and it looks like July 2008. I think I had a different one for a week then changed over to current one and have not changed it again.

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Looking forward to what some new blood will bring to the site here. I think things will only get better and I'm really looking forward to it.

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So far Don't Starve is the game I have played and enjoyed the most that has had early access, (if you don't count Minecraft).

But I agree with several others here that Cube World got me and I really regret that. I have been wanting to try Trove from Trion Worlds and I have more faith in them since they did Rift, but I still can't come to buy another voxel based game like this yet.

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Nintendo is a publicly traded company, so this is real news. Unlike the tabloids that talk trash. Considering the shareholder meeting coming up, he almost has to make a statement like this even though he does have privacy rights, it's still the right thing to do so rumors don't run rampant and start affecting the companies stock price.

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I say put Suarez in the boxing ring with Tyson, and let's see who comes out missing something!

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For me the gog website is going very slow and when I click to get this game and log in, it takes me to a 404 error.

I can't imagine that many people want to even waste bandwidth downloading this game.