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Crysis Review ….Maximum Awesome! 0

Alright everyone, time to strap into your nanosuits, lock and load your Gauss Rifles and set your suit to Maximum Bulge because it is time to review Crysis. As you may know Crysis is a FPS (First Person Shooter for all you n00bs) on the PC that takes place on a beautiful tropical island off the coast of . You play a Special Forces agent named Nomad who is air dropped in on the island along with your other Special Forces buddies so you can hand those evil North Koreans their asses……their evil, e...

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Soul Calibur IV Review! 0

Alright dudes time to strap on your warriors cloak, shine that massive battle axe because you trying to make up for something and start listening to the most over dramatic narrator in a fighting game. That’s right; it’s time for Soul Calibur IV! As you may know Soul Calibur first burst onto the scene almost 10 years ago making it’s debut (that’s French by the way) on the Dreamcast. I know what your thinking………..”Dream what?”. The Dreamcast, that pretty good system that Sega made but nobody boug...

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