Is Episodic/DLC The Decline Of Gaming? (SC2 related)

(This is old but it was one of my first blogs so I figured it should be my first blog here as well)
 I was going to say death but I don't think anything can truly kill gaming.

I was reading today that Blizzard announced Starcraft 2 was being released as 3 separate “campaigns” for each race. As far as I know at this point no price has been attached but as you can assume most people jumped to the conclusion of paying $150+ for the total Starcraft 2 experience.

I myself will withhold my full disappointment until they say how much each will cost however $15 each wouldn't make up for the fact.

Think back to some games you bough DLC for, did you buy them new? How much did you pay, $60? So take what you payed and add in the price for the DLC, $75, more?

Its a terrible trend and you can clearly see the greed that is fueling this trend. It was nice to see Valve at least doing something right with the Orange Box. I hope they continue to do things like this. They did release the Half Life 2 "expansion" in episodes but with the Orange Box they really made up for it.

Needless to say I'm sure Blizzard will offer a "complete" Starcraft 2 when all three games have released but why not just wait till all three are down before releasing the game?

I've purchased just about every Blizzard game excluding the SNES games and Diablo. I even pre-ordered WoTLK. However I will not be buying Starcraft 2 and I hope many of you will consider it too.

If Blizzard sees sales of Starcraft first race campaign have terrible sales it will send them a message that we will not stand for this.

DLC is much in the same vein. I've heard Cheapy and Wombat talk about it on the CAGCast a few times how companies are withholding content till just after release sometimes even telling you so and putting it for extra money as DLC.

Its a terrible trend and it needs to end.

Think of it this way. You got to the movies pay $8 to see the first thirty minutes of the movie then you have to come back in a few months to pay another $8 to see the next thirty minutes only to return one last time and pay yet another $8 for the last thirty minutes. Would you stand for that? I think not so don't stand for this.

Thank you for your time.