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anyone know if this will be archived as well? would be awesome since I'm gonna be working when it's live

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@Tylea002: hey there, just wondering about getting a key possibly! Was on the fence about buying it when the steam sale was up, but new job has limited my disposable income quite a bit.

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I had to roll back to the previous drivers as well. The 310.70 drivers did not like Psychonauts and Spider-man Web of Shadows at all. Horrible slow down on both games and Psychonauts became unplayable due to it crashing every 10 minutes. When I did the install of 310.70 I did it with a clean install and removed all the older drivers first, so something is definately borked with the new drivers.

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lol, no idea, apparently patrick is manning the chat, who all is in there if we can't get in?

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I am furiously mashing F5 on the homepage and nothing as well

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I approve of the Vinnies idea

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I will say this, all the people sticking up for FGC and the only real place this should be is on hardcore fighting game websites, all remind me of very avid Fox News fans

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Come join open beta! Game is fun and Skiing is about the most awesome thing ever.

*note: I had issues with Nvidia graphics driver 295.51 (game would crash before it got to log in screen) and updated to new beta drivers 295.73 and issue has been fixed. Found this fix on their official forums.

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Sadness, judging by the description of the "Gameplay" I think I'll be passing on this one ;( sounded like a neat little short Myst type game but apparently that is not it at all XD

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I have not played it, but saw it today on Steam for 10 bucks. It looks amazing and from the descriptions sounds like something I'd be into except... I have heard nothing about gameplay. All I hear is that the game is beautiful and the story is amazing.

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