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I'm struggling to understand why microsoft has been so bad at messaging regarding the xbone. I have one, it's nice, I will own a ps4 when a game i care about is released exclusively on the system, and that system will also likely be fine. the actual hardware/firmware in both of these cases seems perfectly fine, but Microsoft continues to make these dumb marketing errors. You can argue that the existing enthusiast press website news cycle (likely the internet news cycle in general) is terrible, but it is what it is. It seems it would behoove MS to put all of the executives that it has speaking on behalf of its company in a room and tell them "if you dont know what you are talking about, shut your mouth".

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Hey, I've recently gotten back into the game (love silver surfer), username is avyshue. My old team fell by the wayside.

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I'm less disappointed in Oculus as a real product, since it wasn't really a product yet. I'm more disappointed because it transitioned from being a company making a cool thing to being facebook trying to find a way to make money. Whenever the retail product comes out, we'll evaluate it on its actual merit like responsible people, but I no longer have any excitement for it. In one press release they managed to push me from "this looks pretty nifty" to "I guess we'll see what this thing is", and there are so few things that are genuinely new and exciting in tech that I feel bad when one is plucked away.