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@Phatmac: And how!

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Having the exact same issues here on Chrome. I just assumed it was my shitty rural Canadian internet not liking HTML5, but I guess there's something else at play here.

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Talk about kicking them while they're down, how is the skeleton crew of a dead studio supposed to get that kind of cheddar?

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Today is the day, ladies and gentlemen. All aboard the hype train.

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I hope Rich makes it out ok!

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@Hailinel: I understand that, but as far as I'm aware the cert process for DLC is also much shorter than it is for a full fledged game. I think Capcom is targeted most often because of how outright and flagrant they can be about their DLC schemes, kinda like EA.

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Saying you're planning ahead to stick DLC in there is not exactly the best thing to say. If you're planning additional content from the very beginning, you're literally planning to make some content for the game and keep it locked up to sell it for later. Additional content should be made additionally at a later date. I can understand day 1 dlc because of the cert process and everything, but if it's on the disc, you would have had to have that all ready for disc pressing and cert way back before launch.

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Despite all his broken promises, I absolutely adore Peter Molyneux and his absolute love for making games. You can tell he's really passionate about it and that's really what the industry needs these days.

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Honestly though, why would you play one demo 30 times?

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