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What a crazy amount of content to sink your teeth into. SERIOUSLY. Valve packaged 5 games into one disc (Half-Life 2 being one of them) and you (Yes, you!) are not playing this 2007 release at this very moment!? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!  This package could have individually released each game as its own stand-alone game sold at full retail price, but Valve is an amazing company that loves their fans more than they love money. Isnt that weird?  Lets start this review at the very top. Half-Life 2. T...

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Myrmecophobia! 0

Fallout 3 is a first person shooter, RPG, nuclear apocalypse sim all rolled up with the sprinkles of cool storyline. You start off as  a newborn baby covered in slime, this is where the character customization happens as you are shown an image of what you will look like as an adult. You are free to make any changes you like to the default face that  im pretty sure nobody in the entire world would stick with. Unlike Mass Effect, character faces look ugly, and unlike previous Bethesda title Oblivi...

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Will this truly be THE final fantasy? Nope 0

Final Fantasy 12 marches right into unknown territory by offering a plot so thick with politics you would enjoy watching Prime minister of Canada Stephen Harper analyze the Canadian budget more than trying to understand whats going on here. Some kid who dresses like he was kicked out of a gay bar for looking "too gay" gets caught up with a hot rabbit eared "Vierra" and some sort of pirate guy and goes on a political adventure to take back the throne from some long haired dude so such and such ca...

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I cant find a pikachu 0

I have put 55 hours into this game and I still cant find a pikachu. I have Pichu, but Im too lazy to get her/him haircuts so he/she(I dont pay attention) likes me better and would evolve. So this game loses a star for that. Also once you get the rape pokemon(Palkia in pearl, Dialga in Diamond) the game gets way easier. This game was so easy I had to force myself to stop using Palkia and got back to using my 6 man team consisting of FIRE APE, MACHOKE, and etc. trading over WI-FI seems like a hass...

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Lack of bears makes it average 2

This is the videogame sequel to the 1980 novel "The Indian in the cupboard" written by Lynne Reid Banks. Nostalgia bros between the age of 25-35 will like this because it reminds them of the good old days before lego when you would buy those dumb plastic green soldiers and make them fight in your bedroom by yourself. People who are tricked into thinking this is an RTS will be disappointed when they play it and find out its actually another tower defense game. Except in this version of tower defe...

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