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@hermes: yeh becouse Shadow of Mordor is totally not ripping this off someone else right? ...

Someone need to make a concept page for photo mode to catch this trend.

Like where?

Outside of the basic F12 feature included in steam games (and that is a steam feature, not a game feature) and some older PC games, I don't recall many examples that have that. Even less that allow some level of twitching them within the game, and even less if you consider console games...

Infamous Second Son started the Photo Mode trend on consoles. The Last of Us Remastered followed suit, then Infamous First Light and Driveclub is going to have it when it decides to finally work. Seems like Sony's first party AAA lineup will all include this. Middle-earth is the first 3rd party game to include this on consoles. So I suppose he was saying that they got this idea from Infamous.

@rethla: Wait, Last of Us? Man, I don't remember that... But that is a great game to have such a thing. Never played Infamous Second Son, so had no idea if that had it.

But still, not many games got it so far. The more good games that implement it, the higher chance for a lot of games implementing it in the future. Which would be awesome.

He means The Last of Us Remastered, and Infamous SS had photo mode. I took tons of photos in Infamous with it. We definitely need more games to launch with Photo Mode. While playing Middle-earth, I thought it would be great to have a Photo Mode because the game looks so good and I probably could have gotten some great shots. But I beat (And got the platinum trophy) this game so I don't feel like going back to it because I have lots of other games to finish. I took a couple pictures the day it launched but it was some quick stuff, nothing super cool. Games need to launch with this mode from now on, that'd be much, much better. Oh man, I hope Bloodborne launches with this. That game is gorgeous and Photo Mode would really show it off.

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Hell no.

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I'll probably get one for Christmas but only for the PS4 streaming to another tv so I can play in my living room without having to bring the PS4 over and to support Sony. Because we need more Vita games. Speaking of Vita's, I have one and barely touch it. *Sigh*

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But I've been devoting my time to Dust and I'm really, really liking it. So Dust is my pick. I think I'm going to go for the platinum but that damned 1,000 hit combo trophy is killing me.

I forgot when and how I got it on the XBLA version, but on PS4 I got it on my first attempt.

Find and equip the "ugly pendent," which will make all your attacks do 0.1 times damage. Then remove anything that boosts your attack power, and find a place with current level enemies, but only the most basic of enemies. I picked one of the first screens in the Sorrowing Meadow area, one with just the basic zombie-like enemies.

It can also be gotten pretty easily really early in the game. I had previously played the game on 360, so I already knew the combat pretty well. Playing on tough difficulty, as soon as you get the option to go to the place where the blacksmith is(Archer's Pass?), go there. Eventually you come to a spot where you go to the next screen by jumping up(you'll come up through one of those logs you can press down and X to jump down through, I think).

It'll be a room where there are tons of those flying enemies, and some other enemies to the right. To get 1000 hits I just go there and spam the air version of dust storm through the enemies while using it to enhance Fidget's first attack. The little fire balls go all over the place and rack up the hits pretty fast, especially when combined with the hits from the dust storm itself. When the energy meter gets low, then do a few normal hits while in the air to build it back up. If you notice the flying enemies thinning out, then you might need to go right some to find some more(or some ground enemies).

As far as I know, that is one of the earliest and easiest ways to get that trophy out of the way. I got about 1350 hits on my second try(first try I got 996, then forgot to move over to trigger other enemies). I think you can even get it in The Glade during the prologue(when fighting those two giants), but I've never did it there.

Thanks for the tips guys but I already got the platinum, which you can probably see on the What's New feed Baofu. I just looked up the achievement guide and saw a video there. You can get it at the start of the game when you run into those first 2 giants. Just jump and do the Dust Storm/Fidget projectile move (Just noticed you said this Baofu). My highest without spamming that move was 700 something. Either way, the trophies are super easy. All you'll need is a guide for the friends. Fantastic game.

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I had Spelunky before Plus and played that earlier this year. Great game but the farthest I got was the first ice cave area. I been itching to get back to it but my backlog and I don't really like playing serious games on the train via Vita. I tried one level of Pix the Cat. Music is great but I don't know how to feel about it until I play more. I loved Pacman DX though so I'm sure I'd love this because it looks just like it. But I've been devoting my time to Dust and I'm really, really liking it. So Dust is my pick. I think I'm going to go for the platinum but that damned 1,000 hit combo trophy is killing me.

Platinum trophy obtained. ^_^

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My favorite actor is a tie between Leonardo Dicaprio, Will Smith and Ryan Gosling. Don't know which though. For actress, probably Emma Stone I guess. I like her movies. Or Jennifer Lawrence. Dammit, I don't know! I'm not good at picking.

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I doubt anyone will push for Destiny. Just because a game is addicting doesn't mean it's good. Brad will push for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor because he loves it. Was it Jeff that played Wolfenstein? Someone will push for that because that was a surprise according to everyone. Maybe we'll see Far Cry 4 in there. I don't know what else though. Transistor?

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Your obsession with RE is unhealthy Yummy.

On topic, I will watch this later. Watching videos on a train takes forever. But I'm slightly interested in REmake for whatever reason.

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I don't give a poo about LOTR so I had no clue about anything going on in the game besides Talion and Celebrimbor looking for those evil dudes to kill. So I pretty much didn't care for the story at all. I had my fun chopping orcs heads off but when I got to the ending cutscene, all I could think was "This is a “we'll make a sequel if it sells well” ass ending" and I wouldn't mind a sequel. I think. Actually, I already got the platinum trophy for the game so I guess it's safe to say I'd definitely play a sequel