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I chose Agent to be a dick. I find it ridiculous that it's still listed as a game on their Social Club website. It's been 7 years and not a peep. They should just forget about it because how many people actually remember this was a thing?

For a serious answer, Red Dead 2 is the most likely. I want a new IP though.

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I'd say PS4 just from reading your "wants". It'll have your RPG's, lord knows it has your indies (they're all I play on it!), multiplatform games run (a tad bit?) better on it, the exclusives coming look rad, Ps+ is great, Dualshock 4 is the greatest controller I've ever picked up, and Bloodborne. You have a while before Halo 5 and that seems to be the only reason you'd want a X1 so I'd say to wait on it. The PS4 gets indies almost weekly and a lot of them are so good. Towerfall, Rogue Legacy, The Swapper, Hohokum, Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate, Outlast, Transistor(!!!) and the list goes on.

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@mechakirby: Cody Balrog is working on a new IP at Santa Monica. He was the director of God of War 2.

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I would be if my PS3 would work for 2 days straight instead of crapping out everything other time I use it.

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I played it on PS4 and it looked fantastic to me. Get with the times grandpa!

I'm currently downloading it on my Vita for no reason but I'll play it to see how it looks. I'm interested to see if it actually looks like crap.

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@czarpyotr said:

So before the end of 2014 on PS4, the upcoming releases before the end of the year are:


-Little Big Planet 3 (Sorry, could not care less about this one)

That's it. Both consoles have relative smatterings of really cool looking indie games (Rime and Ori and the Blind Forest on their respective consoles), but most of them are coming to PC anyways, and a lot aren't coming out this year either.

My point is, in 2014 the Xbox clearly has the better lineup (especially if you include Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, and Ryse versus only Infamous Second Son),

Adding to the list of PS4 games coming out, we still have inFamous: First Light (downloadable or not, still first party) coming out and a couple other games from indie studios partnering with Sony. Second point is debatable, obviously. You forgot to include MLB 14: The Show and The Last of Us: Remastered. Ryse & DR3 came out in 2013 by the way (and everyone says Ryse is poo). I think the PS4 has the better lineup from launch and throughout 2014 because I suck at FPS (Titanfall), I hated Dead Rising 2 (DR3), Ryse looks like poo (all Crytek games suck to me, although I've only played Crysis 3 & played an hour of Crysis 2) and I don't give a shit about racing games unless it's Burnout Paradise (Forza). On Sony's side, I am god awful at sports (MLB 14) and I doubt I'll like Driveclub. All in all, both consoles have had a pretty dismal year but I still think Sony had the better year between inFamous, TLOU Remastered, all the indies and with more to come, it's definitely way better then the X1 offerings imo.

To answer your question:

The internet. That's why.

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I'm pre-ordering it tomorrow. Really hoping it turns out good. Previews so far have said its good, I like procedurally generated games and stealth games so I'm betting that I will like this. Also buying it to get the $10 from the Play 2014 promotion (got all other 3 games already). Can't wait to play it Tuesday. Or whatever day I can play because I work. Damn job!

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I chose Sony because I don't give a poo about Nintendo and I don't intend on buying an X1 until the end of the generation (if I feel like it) but I'm noticing something. I only ever played MGS4 and Ground Zeroes so I didn't think much of TPP but it looks so stupid that I'm pretty pumped for it. I also never played a Silent Hill game but the PT demo made me scream profanities a couple time and was pretty damn scary (& that lighting!). So I'm excited for Silent Hills especially since Del Toro and Norman Reedus are involved. I think I made a mistake choosing Sony over Kojima.

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Just played like 30 minutes of it. Worked fine for me but I don't know what the hell I was supposed to be doing. Feeling like I might be regretting this purchase.

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I played a bit more then an hour and can't pass year 4. I keep fucking dying and it put me in the worst mood on Wednesday. I almost deleted it but decided not to. It's ridiculously hard when you get to year 4. Well, that's if you're going after all the kids. It annoys me that you can't drop items, only toss them so I always end up making those angry ghost things that follow you and take 20 points if you touch them by accident. Also, the relationship thing seems broken as someone pointed out. They get jealous of each other and you lose friendship points which is dumb. The game sounds neat on paper but it just doesn't seem like it comes together. If anything, the descriptions for every item, etc. in the book are funny and it has an adorable look. Just doesn't seem very fun once you get to year 3-4.