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@spoonman671: None of the themes I mentioned are static, they're all dynamic. Maybe the Rocket League is static but the others are dynamic. But I agree. Dynamic is wayyyyy better then static.

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@spoonman671: I stand corrected. I have 40 themes. 19 were free, 3 were from pre-orders, and the rest are paid for. My favorites are the Toro's House, LittleBigPlanet 3, Paper Sculpture, Journey, Hohokum, Transistor, Rocket League, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and the first PlayStation Now one. I really didn't care about themes on PS3 but on PS4, they're so damn good. They look pretty and the ones I said above have great music. Sometimes I just sit here and listen to the themes music. I need help. You should check out the ones I named. Also, there are some really big piece of shit themes on the store. I mean, seriously, I can't understand why Sony allows some of them. There is one that is an FPS theme and it looks like someone took a picture from Google images that's just a shot of a gun overlooking a little deserted area in the desert. It was so bad that I literally got upset when I saw it. I also wonder if whoevers making those Attack on Titan themes has the license for that or whatever. Kind of weird that there are AOT themes.

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@spoonman671: You're like me. Except I'm worse. I have like 30 themes. Probably like 10 of them were free. I only buy themes based off of video games though like Journey (bought the dynamic one and currently rocking it), Transistor (great music), Rocket League (great music again), all of The Order ones, etc. I have an obsession to buy all the nice ones. I've even bought charity ones like the Nepal one (which is really colorful and nice) and some Call of Duty Endowment one because it sent money to troops I think. Themes are great! I change my theme like every week. Im crazy.

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All these sports anime posts make me nauseous.

Anyway, I watched an episode of R.O.D the TV last night and remembered how much I like that show. I'm going to try and finish it up this weekend because I only have 11 episodes left.

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@dochaus: Bojack is out today! Celebrate!

Monster Musume - The other day, my friend came over and put this on and in the first 3 minutes, I was SCREAMING (and kind of laughing) for him to turn it off. That shit scarred me man. I don't think I can continue this show. But I probably will. So much wrong with this show. I saw a gif for episode 2.... Fuck man.

Case Closed - My brother got a Funimation sub so we can watch the remaining 50 dubbed episodes that we never saw. I finally finished it. Case Closed is a great show but talk about filler for the next 650 episodes. This show will never finish.

I've barely watched any anime since I got a job (almost 3 months now). I need to put my life on hold so I can binge tons of anime.

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@jrm: @sparky_buzzsaw: @zacagawea: I figured out how to get it to work on mobile. Sign out, switch the color to black and then log back in. Always works for me when it switches to white. I'm on an iPhone by the way.

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@tyrrael: It's already confirmed that this movie is a set up for a 2 part Justice League movie. DC announced their movie lineup for the next 6 years months ago.

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@awesomeusername: It's still so weird to me that we're getting an official localization of a visual novel for the Vita. What an amazing time we live in.

The world understands the power of Steins;Gate. I'm going to get all the shitty endings first, watch. But yeah, I agree. Out of any game in the world, we get a Steins;Gate localization. That's weird as all heck.

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Haven't posted here in like 2 months. I barely have time to watch anime because job, been trying to finish games whenever I have time to play (weekends, although even then I have no time because I go out a lot). But I've been trying to keep up with some.

Assassination Classroom: Finished this like a week or 2 ago. So damn good. I can't wait for season 2/second semester. I gave it a 10 on MAL because I loved the show. Such a damn good show.

High School DxD BorN: Best season of DxD so far imo. Every big fight of each season just gets more ridiculous and I love it. Issei's (main character) gets some stupid ass new power move shit to and it just makes me laugh so hard. This show is so dumb but I love it.

Case Closed: My brother got a Funimation sub like 2 months ago so we could watch all the episodes it has on there from where we left off. I stopped in the 70's so that's where we started. Show is great. Some episodes are pretty sad. Opening theme songs are great. I'm at episode 104 or so. There's only 130 so I'm not far off but there's over 700 that aired. That's a lot of episodes. It's fucking ridiculous that this show hasn't ended. How long is it going to take for Conan (Jimmy) to find the dudes that poisoned him?!!!

In other news, there was a Steins;Gate collectors edition announced like on Monday for $80 so I pre-ordered that. It's the visual novel for Vita and it comes with a metal Upa figure, (concept?) art book, 2 science lab member pins, a case to place the pins and Upa in and I think something else. It comes out August 15 I think so I'm excited to get that because I'm a huge Steins;Gate fan.

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