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I liked Delsin a lot except in the evil playthrough. As others said, the things he did and said just made no sense and were so out of place that I found it hilarious. In the good playthrough, he's good though. But he really shines when he's with Reggie. Those 2 are great.

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Seems like you have your answer. Enjoy your Vita!

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Those answers aren't very useful so I'll just say what I do. If I start feeling a little frustrated/annoyed, I'll mutter a curse or just sigh real annoyed like. If it continues, I'll yell/curse at my tv. If it gets to a point where I'm constantly dying/losing at the same point, I'll hit something. Games are frustrating sometimes! It doesn't happen a lot though. Just in very cheap or hard sections in games. Like Mass Effect 2 in insanity, which I gave up on. Or the last boss in any game on hard.

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@xyzygy: My bad man! If you're going into the game completely blind and haven't seen trailers, well your eyes are going to explode when you see the powers in action. The powers look gorgeous, that's all I'll say.

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Man, what you're describing sounds exactly like the first game. WHY doesn't SuckerPunch change things about their games? The things they really need to improve on I feel they're just blatantly ignoring. Sure the game looks amazing but man, the amount of crap you have to put up with in a fight is annoying and doesn't make any mechanical sense. When 4 guys are shooting you from 500 meters away on a roof with assault rifles at pinpoint accuracy and your only feasable thing to do is dodge like an idiot, you know you gotta change something about your game.

The game definitely isn't like that anymore. The only enemies patrolling the streets are in trucks. If there's enemies on roofs or towers, it's because that district is under control by the DUP, which you can kick their ass out of. The combat is so fast paced that if you're getting shot, it's because you're not being mobile. The dash powers in this game make getting around to different vantage points during battles so easy that there's never any reason why you should be staying in one spot.

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@somberowl: It actually is announced for PS4.

I thought they have only alluded to the fact the it's coming to PS4?. No official announcement or did they?

When I made the page I saw no hard evidence of it coming to the PS4. I saw a bunch of non-answers like "Well, we are Sony, so... probably." or something along those lines.

In the video of the podcast, they say at the end "We have commented about the PS4 yet and it's not decided." to which Smedley replies "Noooo. It's decided." with a huge grin. So it's not official Sony PR confirmation but that sounds like a yes. I'm willing to bet both my thumbs it comes to PS4, I don't need no official PR announcement! Plus, DC Universe Online, EverQuest Next and Planetside 2 are on/coming to PS4 so it makes sense that this would. For link to the video, here. Skip to 11:12

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@colourful_hippie: I know. I was implying since they're targeting 60, it should mean they can reach it. Seems possible since it's a last gen game.

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You're going to get eaten alive for this thread and I love it.

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1080, 60 or GTFO

Both confirmed my colorful little hippie. (well, targeting 60 but that means it'll be 60 right!?)