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In other news, I started Ninja Slayer from Animation. That shit is complete garbage. My friend and I were laughing at how bad it was. I think I'm going to watch the whole season.

Ninja Slayer is the best thing airing right now, nothing even comes close.

Nope. @awesomeusername is correct. Ninja Slayer is a hot pile of garbage that only terrible people enjoy non-ironically.

Everything airing right now is better than Ninja Slayer, except Triage X.

If Ninja Slayer was the best thing airing right now, that would be depressing. But it's not so that's a huge relief. It's got that "so fucking terrible it's good (no it's not)" vibe to it. But I retract my statement of watching the whole season. I thought about it and that sounds like a horrible waste of time. Someone on twitter who quoted someone from someplace else said "I've stopped watching Ninja Slayer as an anime and started watching it as a YouTube video." and that's the only way someone can enjoy this poo. Unless you're crazy.

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@sergio: I passed by My Love Story!!! on Crunchyroll today and thought about starting it but I'm going to wait for the season to finish. I have enough anime to watch at the moment and don't feel like starting another anime that just started. The main character looks absurd.

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@sergio: Bleh. I'm determined to give it a try.

In other news, I started Ninja Slayer from Animation. That shit is complete garbage. My friend and I were laughing at how bad it was. I think I'm going to watch the whole season.

Edit: The hell am I saying? I am not going to keep watching Ninja Slayer.

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@awesomeusername: If you want a romcom where it feels like the story is actually moving forward at any point, then avoid Nisekoi like the plague. If you want a romcom based around a bunch of one-off situations that arguably never go anywhere, then Nisekoi is for you.

I would say watch a few episodes and if you like it's brand of humor, then it might be worth sticking with it. I'm not a fan of this series at all, but a lot of people love it. Let me stress the fact that if you're expecting a good story in any capacity, this is not the series you're looking for.

Hmmm, I'll give it a try sometime. Not focusing on plot in romcom's doesn't really bother me. As long as it's funny, I wouldn't mind.

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@bigjeffrey: You don't seem to like Nisekoi from the times I read about you writing about it. I planned to watch the first season. Should I? Mainly because I like the look of the characters but I don't want to watch it if it sucks.

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@hamst3r: I'll take those suggestions but honestly, it's just hard for me to cry. So these won't work. The times where I feel the tears about to come out, they just roll back in. Happened in the end of season one of The Walking Dead game, beginning of The Last of Us, and I can't remember anything else but there's been a lot of things that made me feel like I'm about to cry and then the tears disintegrate from my eyeballs. I wish I could though! It'd be cool (no it won't).

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@thatguy060: Jeezus. Well I guess we won't be seeing part 6 for at least 3 years? Judging by the fact that JoJo started in 2012. That's a hell of a wait.

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Steins;Gate (Movie) - More Steins;Gate but deals with the consequences of Okabe going back in time so much. My love for Steins;Gate is ridiculous so I loved the movie. I was happy, sad, laughing and almost teared up at some parts (but I couldn't because my heart is a million year old frozen rock). I honestly can't wait for Steins;Gate 0 and that Steins;Gate visual novel needs to come out on Vita already. It's supposed to be out sometime this year. I'm going to play (read) the shit out of it.

R.O.D the TV - Started this today. Really liked the first episode. It came out 12 years ago so it has that look that you know it's old but I like it. The music too, it's just a soundtrack you would hear a decade ago, doesn't sound modern at all. It feels really old but it doesn't make it bad at all. What the main characters can do is what excites me the most. It's almost like a superhero anime, but it isn't. I can't wait to watch more. Y'all should try it.

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@rubberluffy: So how many JoJo's are there in total and what part are we up to in the anime? 4?

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@awesomeusername: The Steins;Gate movie is ok. I don't think it really needed to exist but it was more of the show and that is nice.

I love Steins;Gate so more of that is fine with me.

Part 4, 6 and 7's JoJos are better. True facts.

Part 4, 6, and 7 JoJo's?! How many JoJo's are there?! Are they going into the future? Like 2080 or something?

@awesomeusername: People hate on Joutaru, but he's pretty much Clint Eastwood from the dollar trilogy and Joseph pretty much became Indiana Jones, whip and fedora included. I personally really like Joutaro because he's just a bad ass dude, but also there are points in the series he becomes self aware like the ZZ top fight . Joseph is definitely the most fun so far because I here Josuke is pretty great and Joutaro would be nowhere near as fun if he didn't have Polernaff and the rest of the gang (but really just Polernaff).

Well I'm only 2 episodes in so he can grow on me. Doesn't change the fact that Joseph is the best ever. It's a fact (in my head). I read this reply on mobile so your spoilers didn't show up. :| But whatever. More JoJo's!