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Just watched a bunch of OVA's and a couple not OVA's.

High School DxD BorN - Episodes 2 and 3. Straight up dumb, which is what I love about this.

Steins;Gate (4 ONA's) - More Steins;Gate, more of what I love. I'm seriously going to watch the movie today.

Gurren Lagann (OVA) - Kamina. :'( Missed the hell out of this, just what I needed.

Another: The Other - Inga (OVA) - This took place before the anime starts and leads into the first episode. Won't say anything for spoilers, even though I bet no one has watched this or plans to.

Kill la Kill Special (OVA) - More KLK dumbness and randomness. I enjoyed it.

Sukitte Ii na yo.: Dareka ga (OVA) - Remembered how much I liked this show and am saddened that there isn't another season. Romance!

Plan on watching the Steins;Gate movie later today and by the end of this week, the third Madoka Magica movie, Attack on Titan OVA's, Terra Formars OVA's, High School of the Dead OVA's, more JoJo and Desert Punk.

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@awesomeusername: I felt feel the exact same way about Joseph Joestar. Can you believe that I have seen multiple people ( who read the manga) put him low on their lists of best Jojo's? Crazy talk. Man, he is such an improvement over Jonathan.

WHAT?! Those people need to watch the anime then. Joseph is the best, no competition. He's a genius, a smart ass and isn't serious at all. Unlike Grumpy Joutaru-kun and Way To Gentlemanly Jonathan-san.

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Here's my graph yo. I'm to lazy to resize this thing. #DealWithIt

I've finished .85% of all anime (crikey!) and have watched 2226 episodes of anime.

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Gross. Had to stop that Totalbiscuit video after 3 minutes (because of the game, not Biscuit). This game should be taken off of Steam.

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@awesomeusername: IS IT NOT THE FUCKING BEST. Glad you enjoyed it and the adventure only gets more bizarre from here

IT DEFINITELY ISN'T NOT THE BEST! I would hope it gets more bizarre. Gonna miss Joseph's awesomeness though. :/

Well, you saw at the end of the last episode, Joseph isn't done yet. In Stardust Crusaders he's around, he's just a badass grandpa now.

And just so you know, SC really mixes it up compared to Parts 1 and 2. Araki introduces a new concept and then plays around with it a lot while figuring out what works and what doesn't. But SC's real strength is the character interactions between the main cast. They're a lot of fun.

I saw the first 2 episodes. Happy to see Joseph is still the same. Joutaru is an ass though. Which makes his and Josephs relationship more interesting (funny) though. Weird they aren't using Hamon anymore. But the Stands are a cool idea. I'm excited to continue it.

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@awesomeusername: IS IT NOT THE FUCKING BEST. Glad you enjoyed it and the adventure only gets more bizarre from here

IT DEFINITELY ISN'T NOT THE BEST! I would hope it gets more bizarre. Gonna miss Joseph's awesomeness though. :/

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - 10/10. Masterpiece. Yup. I said it. This is tied for my favorite anime with Steins;Gate. It has one of my favorite anime characters, Joseph Joestar. He is just so damn great. This show is the definition of ZERO!!! filler. All the characters are great, plot is great, fights are FANTASTIC AND GRACEFUL AND BEAUTIFUL AS FUCK. Seriously, I'm so glad you guys put me onto this anime. So damn good. I was on the verge of tears in the last episode when Joseph died but that idiot was alive. Seriously, I almost cried. I was real sad when all the other characters that died, died (this isn't a typo), like Caesar. He was great. Can't wait to start Stardust Crusaders. It took me a while to finish this because I was stuck on Daredevil and literally had no desire to watch anime. But I finished it so back to anime!

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@theht: Doesn't make much sense though since it would be in the last episode and when you finish a show or movie on Netflix, it doesn't auto play anything. It just shows recommendations. But it does make the screen small, so I guess it makes sense. Most people wouldn't bring it back to full screen, just stop it. Still doesn't make it any less disappointing. I need more Marvel man!!

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I finished the show, damn was it good. The final costume looks a bit weird but I was still excited when he finally put it on and when they finally called him Daredevil. Really excited for the rest of Marvels shows. I wonder how they're going to do Jessica Jones since she has super strength, flight and psionic protection (whatever that is). Is it going to be as gritty or more comic book like? Same with Luke Cage and Iron Fist. I hope they go all out with Iron Fist and his chi punches. Aw man, I'm to excited for the next Marvel-Netflix shows.

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Anyone else watch all the way through the end credits hoping they would have a tease for either the next netflix series or the Age of Ultron?

Yup, just finished it like an hour ago and waited through the credits to see if they'd tease A.K.A. Jessica Jones or something. But nothing. :(

@penguindust: , I'd love to see Netflix take a shot at the Punisher or, even better, Moon Knight.

I wouldn't be surprised if we got a Moon Knight show after The Defenders because they did say his name in Captain America 2, along with Doctor Strange, who is now getting his own movie. That would be awesome. They also have the Punisher rights so yeah, Marvel should do those.