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At first i also thought that Wraith is pretty OP, but actually it isn't. Trapper just need to slow that bugger down with harpoon (or trap variant) or those grenades Abe has after you place the dome and rest of the team can just whale on it.

I agree with awesomeusername, the harpoons aren't that great. Val has the best slow attack in the game and she's a freaking medic. The trappers need to get buffed, since it's boring to play as them once the tracking part is over and the fighting begins. The Wraith isn't unbeatable, but it is overpowered and unfair compared to the other two monsters. All three monsters should have their own feel, but also be about even with each other at the end of the day. Fighting Wraiths makes me want to play the game less and from looking at Twitter, forums, etc I'm not the only person, so it needs to be addressed.

Yeah, the harpoons are only useful if you're fighting the Goliath or Kraken. But even then, the reload speed for it is really slow and when I played with either of them, I would get the harpoon on the monster only for it to break it instantly most of the time. The reload 15% faster perk doesn't do much to alleviate this problem which is why I don't like playing as Maggie or Griffin. But maybe they're good for specific modes? Maggie is good to play with when you're playing Rescue because Daisy is really fast so she revives the survivors before we even get to them. But really, the first 2 trappers need to be buffed. They are insanely weak. On the other hand, Abe is so damn good. His track darts last a good amount of time and if you see the monster, even across the map, if you aim right, you can shoot it with a track dart. That thing has range. Also, the stasis grenades may be a bit OP? They are so good. His rapid fire combat shotgun does a good amount of damage to the monster, especially when the medic shoots it with the armor piercing bullets. The shotguns bullet spread does damage to a couple of those weak spots. Still isn't effective against the Wraith though. Fuck the Wraith. Turtle Rocj needs to get their heads out their asses and nerf him.

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PT. I never played a Silent Hill game so if Silent Hills is as scary as PT, it will be my first SH game.

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@ntm: I understand. We will all see on Friday whether or not it's good. But for me, I think it will turn out pretty good. I liked Chains of Olympus and I heard Ghost of Sparta is better then CoO. I'm interested in seeing what RAD can do with their own IP and on the PS4 to boot. I'm not super excited for the game but I think it'll turn out good. It looks like something I'll enjoy.

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@n7: Hm, I didn't get much from Shadow of Mordor. I liked it because it had good combat and it looked great but I couldn't care less for the story and characters. The Nemesis System is a great thing but I never really got into it because I killed most of the orcs. Only time I ever died by their hand was when an Orc I would fight was literally immune to all types of attacks, resistant to fear and/or effects and had 20 other orcs in a crowd fighting me as well. So my deaths in the game were always just cheap deaths. I Remember seeing threads with people wondering why it was so hard but I breezed through the game. I'm not even that good in this genre of games so It was confusing. I don't know, Shadow of Mordor is good but I didn't see in it what everyone else did because I didn't die a lot which I suppose can only be seen as disappointing. I guess I only have myself to blame though, especially since whenever an Orc would run away from me to fight another day, I chased his ass down and cut his head off. I should've just let them run. Would've led to an interesting encounter when I found them again.

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Actually, Second Son takes place after the good ending of Infamous 2 which doesn't have tons of conduits destroying everything. Just has Cole kill most of them and you know the rest. All the DUP stuff is because the world found out about Cole and that there were others like him.

But anyways, welcome to the current generation! Where most games aren't super amazing but just good enough! I liked Second Son. Not as much as the first 2 Infamous games but I still had fun. I also wish they would have kept the same style as Infamous 2. The characters looked human enough but had a bit of a cartoony look to them. It looked great. Kind of disappointed that they went full on realistic looking but eh. I can't wait for more Infamous. I'm a sucker (no pun intended) for anything Infamous.

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@redbullet685: true. No one really needs mics if they know how to play but they should still fix it. My brothers playing right now and this dudes mic sounds grating. Makes me glad I have people to play with.

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I have another answer...

Which is I'm looking forward to it but I won't be buying it. I will be playing it on launch day though. How you ask? I have my brothers PSN account and he pre-ordered it so I will be in there day one.

Unlike most, I have no problem with the game. Yeah it looks pretty generic gameplay wise but I don't really care. I just want to see werewolves explode when I shoot them with an arch gun, drool at the beautiful graphics and play through an enjoyable story. I have no problem with it being single player only and not trying to do anything new. It's better then adding in a shit multiplayer mode *cough* Dead Space 2 *cough* or trying something new that turns out horrible. Seems RAD just wanted to make a super pretty TPS and that's what they did. If they didn't want to shake up the TPS genre, then whatever. Some other developer will. We just have to wait.

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I agree with everything you say. It's great but these things make the game really frustrating. My brother, 2 friends, and I just quit the game right now because we've been trying to get into Evacuation and Skirmish matches for like 30 minutes and it would either get us a match and throw half of us out or just make us face a computer which we don't want to do because the computer is always a fucking Wraith. Which leads to your second point. The Wraith is so damn OP. It's beyond ridiculous. Between being able to move across the map in 5 seconds and getting locked into walls by his semi-invisible infinite slash attack, it is next to impossible to beat a Wraith. I've only beaten it once out of like 10 fights with it. I can't believe that thing made it out to release. The Evolve Twitter accounts response to people asking about when the Wraith will be nerfed is "We'll check the win/loss ration and see from there." That's dumb. Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) is saying the Wraith needs to be nerfed. They need to jump on that. Your third point doesn't really affect me because I'm always in a group. Only times I play alone are when I want to be the monster so if that happens, I just leave the match.

Some other things that bother me are that some characters are completely useless against certain monsters. Like Maggie and Griffin are useless against the Wraith. There harpoon guns basically don't work on it and there pistol/SMG do no damage to it. All you can do is drop the dome, try to not let the wraith kill you and hope your friends can take it down. But at that point, the Wraith isn't stuck in the dome with you. You're all stuck in there with it. Second point is with Hyde? The second assault, flamethrower dude. He is just useless against a Kraken. If you trap a Kraken with the trappers dome, he's going to stay flying and his flamethrower can't reach that high. So you just have to spray the minigun unless he gets on the ground which you can then burn his ass. Also, Maggie is complete garbage and Daisy doesn't revive people if Lazarus is on the team. Ignore the part about Daisy.

But like htr10 said. These problems can be fixed with better servers and a patch which is great because most games just launch completely broken for months and this game actually works.

Besides that, I guess I love the game. I play it everyday so far with my team and its just so much fun destroying people. I haven't enjoyed a multiplayer game this much in quite a long time. So much so that I'm looking forward to playing as and against the new DLC monsters and characters. Which is crazy because I pretty much hate all DLC unless it's really good, story focused stuff like Bioshock Burial at Sea and The Last of Us: Left Behind.

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@bemusedchunk: Yeah, voice chat is in it. But it's kind of bad. My friend sounds clear as hell when we're in a party chat but one time we tried without being in a party and he sounded awful.

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@bisonhero: That's true. Sadly, after some digging, this is being co-developed by one of Sony's first parties (Foster City Studios) and Sony's website even says "Coming exclusively to blablabla". So it's a Journey, The Unfinished Swan, Resogun kind of deal. Which is unfortunate really with Sony slowly allowing cross-platform play between PS and PC (Street Fighter V), it would be cool to see more games start to do that. I'm betting the community for this will be pretty small after a month or two. Man, I hope Street Fighter V does well with cross-platform play for more devs could start doing it. That would be great.

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I'm pumped to play this. Been a long while since we heard anything. Can't wait to kill my friends by "accident"!

Hey man all you're doing is shooting your way to the top of the kill count.Not gonna be your fault when they jump in front of the mobs that you're firing at.

Exactly. Need those kills so I can call a pod with a mech in it. Kill or be killed out there. It's every man for himself when it's basically Starship Troopers out there. I bet there's going to be a good chunk of trophies devoted to killing your teammates and trying not to kill them in ridiculously high difficulties. I can feel all the laughing and anger already and it's... it's glorious.