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Chose indies but I should've chose Sony also. I'm pumped for Uncharted and Until Dawn and for some of the indies working on PS4 exclusives like Rime and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. So my answer is Sony and indies. I guess third parties too. Though those are at the bottom because just look at last years third party games.

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@geraltitude: Played on PS4 and I chose Kid Red. Don't know why. Phantom seems way to OP to me. When I played, a bunch of people were him just whipping everybody and it got annoying real fast.

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@skithus: Velocity 2X is a really fun game. So is Infamous Second Son, the gameplay in Infamous is super tight, it's the best third person "shooter". You don't need to know about the previous Infamous games to get into Second Son, there's little references you won't get but it's a completely new story. Just Wiki the previous Infamous game plots. If you like it, play Infamous First Light. It's free on PS+ until next month. Or probably play that and then Second Son? Doesn't matter which you play first. People like Resogun a lot. I'm not a big fan of it but a lot of people love it. The Last of Us Remastered is a no brainer. The Unfinished Swan is a neat game. Sound Shapes is another no brainer.

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I think it sucks. It takes like 7 years to get into a match and I just don't like anything about it.

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@corevi: You have to be crazy to even think FFXV is coming this year. A couple months ago, the new director said that it's farther away then we all think it is. I'm posting on mobile so I can't send a direct link but here it is.

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I wonder what happens to your saves if you decide to terminate the subscription and then later change you mind and re-sub?

Sony guy who wrote this post said the saves go into the cloud and will stay there, even after you unsub.

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@yummylee: Really? I haven't noticed. I remember some of the guest lists mention it and one of the writers at Polygon made an article about it because she thought it was great but that's about it. Then again, most of the lists I've seen people make in the forums weren't top 10's. I guess I should look at more lists! As for The Evil Within, I'll be sure to let you know how I feel about it whenever I play it.

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Velocity 2X. Tried it on PS4 last night after beating it on Vita. That game is so good. As for this year, I just played a round of Crossy Road like 20 minutes ago. What a mistake for my first game.

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You literally have to shut off your brain to enjoy Kill la Kill. Thats how I ended up enjoying it. Not some great anime that most people claim it is but it's enjoyable.