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Buy me a PS3 and you have yourself a deal!

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No black hip-hoppers/rappers in Australia? You Aussies are freaks man!!!!!!!!!

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@AngelN7@ESREVER@LiquidPrince@TearsInRain@Bulby33@SmasheControllers:  I wouldn't choose mosquitos. You know why?  


Seriously though, I'm rarely bitten by mosquitos. Huge emphasis on RARELY.
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@Kaibar said:

@hanktherapper said:

Pandas are natures losers. When a species is too lazy to procreate, then you know it wants to die out.

By that logic us gamers would have to die too, though.

I have no problem with prooocreaaatiiing as long as I don't have to be the daddy. 
@xobballox: I laugh in my head whenever I see your avatar. :D
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I would have to say cats. I fucking despise those little whorey bastards. 
@MooseyMcMan: Or maybe moose? 
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Pigs. No bacon. Why? Cause I'm an asshole.
You evil sonuma bitch!
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Zombies> Deathclaws

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Any character from Final Fantasy XIII. Oh wait, you said mediocre. I thought it said terribly designed annoying as fuck characters

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@Daiphyer: Look at the post above you. ^^ 
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@believer258 said:

 Adam Jensen. 
Anyway, he comes across as having one emotion. 

*Pothead voice* Didn't you hear man? Robots/cyborgs don't have emotions! They aren't human!!! 
Seriously though, I haven't played the game so I can't agree/disagree with you but his voice does make it seem that way. 
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 Why is everyone so happy when they see Gordon Freeman?  
I am NOT ready to be flamed for this but.............. I don't understand why people love Half-Life so much. Granted, I never played the games, buuuuuut, I did watch the walkthroughs for it on YouTube and it never struck me as something special. I had Half-Life when I was a kid but back then, I never played games unless it was my Super Nintendo. Back to my statement though, I liked Alyx but I felt like people give Gordon too much credit. First off, i can hardly stand silent protagonists either and like you said, he doesn't do much except smack people with crowbars in the face. Half-Life 2 didn't seem like a godly game everyone think it is imo. The gunplay seemed very bland and the assault rifles bullet sound is terrible and the ammo for each clip/magazine/whatever runs out quick. I don't feel like writing off everything I dislike about the game so I'll go onto the pros. 
The story was rather interesting as well as the characters. The environments were great and the enemies had interesting designs, I'm talking about aliens though. I like how Aperture is the main goal for the humans because their science and stuff. I don't know what else. I saw the walkthrough a couple months back so I don't remember. 
All in all, the game seemed good to me, at it's best. So I don't understand why everyone loves it so much.
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@Video_Game_King: I think people would vote before they see that list so not much point in making one.