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I clean them out. All of them there just piss me off. So much messages to see for no reason. I could have well over 10,000 by now if I never deleted them. I had my e-mail since I was 14. I'm 18 now.

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@Jeff said:
" Does this mean that the supposedly upcoming Ubi game, I Am Alive, is really just AC3?!!!!?!?!!? "
No! It will tell the story of how Abstergo caused an earthquake in Chicago just to kidnap Subject 16 and how he knew they were coming for him so he tried to escape the torn city but is captured in the end! It's better then just kidnapping someone. That's boring.
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@MattDementous: How are you making this? What the hell? And with the Unreal Engine 3?
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@copycatzen: I would never be able to get SSF4, GoW3 and Killzone. RE5's professional mode was so annoying and finding that last Burnout event was a pain.
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@D0tti: Go for it dude. I would definitely give it a try. Just go online and look for a map of those shards because I know that's what'll make people give up on that game. But definitely, go for it. Every trophy is easy for that game. 
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" I got my first two yesterday WAW and Uncharted 2. "
Awesome! I need that WAW but that kamikaze trophy is a bitch. How did it feel getting two plats in one day?
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@D0tti: No, I know you're not saying that. I'm just saying no one wants to second playthrough it. I would love to play that game through again. I love that game.
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@D0tti: No one finishes inFAMOUS! I will be one of the GiantBomb members who will! But that games awesome, don't know why everyone stops on their second playthrough. Batman is fun and I have to get that platinum. Finding all the riddles was actually entertaining and gave a meaning to it unlike those inFAMOUS shards.
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@PokeIkzai: I know they're not a waste. I'm a trophy hunter myself. I was asking people if they thought it was because I know some people must not like them.
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Hahahaha! Just like inFAMOUS! Playing that on hard is like taking candy from a baby. I guess I'll go for the Star Wars platinum then also since it's not hard. Go platinum trophies! The Sly Collection trophies look really easy also. Maybe the easiest.

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@GooieGreen said:
" I have about 6, but I'm forever screwed on a few.   Honestly, achievements and trophies were fun to chase for a while, but it became clear that some are not worth it. One trophy away from the Platinum on BioShock 2 (one of many examples) but I cannot sit through another 3 more hours of the multiplayer. It was fun at first, but I got so burned out on that game.  When trophies stop being fun, I just stop. Why put yourself through hell to get something that will never be meaningful? "
That's why online trophies suck! People are forever screwed on games and it's meaningful to some people.
@Sincillian: You get that Force Unleashed platinum! Lol. Is playing it on the hardest difficulty very hard? 
@face15: Finding that last Burnout event was a pain.