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@Raymayne: You got to calm yourself because I never said anything bad about Ninja Theory. I'm also not a fanboy because I've never really played a DMC besides part 4. I also liked the demo for Heavenly Sword and would love to get it. I could care less about the new Dante because I think he looks pretty cool. All I'm saying is that I think DMC should be handed to a different developer, my opinion. I'm not bashing anyone and everyone else out there saying that I'm complaining, I'm not. All I asked was a question. Now either answer it, or gtfo.
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I'm going with Medal of Honor. Black Ops seems like they took what people like the most about all the other games and crushed them all into a small jar and called it a game.  

This. I hate FPS games because I suck in online FPS, only thing that appeals to me are the story. I wouldn't buy either, I'd just borrow.(:
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@SethPhotopoulos: Yeah, but they can't hand it to them because Capcom owns DMC and they wouldn't give another publisher their game. They would have to find an independent developer, like Imsoniac or Valve or something. But right now, I can't really think of any studio that will make this game the game it needs to be. So everyone, cross your fingers Ninja Theory does something truly amazing with this game.
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" It also got a 9 on destructoid and a B+ on 1up.  I mean, look at Rocksteady and Arkham Asylum. They had, like, one kinda so-so game under their belt and ended up making a critically praised game. You can't always judge the quality of an upcoming game because of the studios previous games, is what I'm trying to say. Especially since Enslaved plays very little like DMC. But if you wanted to make some points about Heavenly Sword, I could roll with that, because those two games are at least in the same genre.  ....uh, perchance not the quality of previous endeavors in the realm of virtual entertainment forever indicate the quality of future endeavors in the realm of virtual entertainment! You dig?   
Got a point with Enslaved not being the same, but idk, seems a bit risky to just throw DMC at them and tell them to do whatever the hell they want with it.
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" @awesomeusername said:
" @SethPhotopoulos said:
" So 7 is bad?  What the Hell. "
No, that's not bad. But games that get a 7 are really like "meh" to me, you know. They're just that game you stare at for hours straight before you make your decision to buy it or not. "
7's tend to be a lot of peoples favourite games. "
That is true, seeming I really liked Mirrors Edge. But I didn't even buy Mirrors Edge, I borrowed it and don't you prefer a Devil May Cry game with 9's. I think they should give this to another studio, but it won't happen. Do you want a different developer to handle this though? That's my question.
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" So 7 is bad?  What the Hell. "
No, that's not bad. But games that get a 7 are really like "meh" to me, you know. They're just that game you stare at for hours straight before you make your decision to buy it or not.
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Enslaved got a 7 on GameInformer. A 7... I mean, that's not bad, but what if DMC comes like this. You want a 9 point type of game. Now can we really trust them with DMC? Doubt it. I haven't played Heavenly Sword or Enslaved but to give this company such a game as DMC doesn't sound like the best idea. Speaking of Heavenly Sword, GameInformer doesn't even have a review for it. Let's go with crappy Gamespot, they gave it a score of 8.5. But yeah. It says that Enslaveds'  gameplay is uneven. Know what? Read the review yourselves. Here it is:
Yeahhhhhhh.... Don't think DMC will be better then the originals... What do you think???

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" @zombie2011 said:
" Carter for sure, he was the boss and went out like one too. "
Yeah I definitely thought the way he went out was the most "Noble" *chuckle* "
Or! Carter went out... LIKE A BOSS!  
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" Ignoring the serious case of troll this thread seems to have come down with my favourite member of Noble Team is Jorge, there's just something about him that's really likeable. "
Yeah, he was like a peaceful incredible Hulk. He was huge and kind, but then he died. I was like :O :'(. That sucked. 
Answering the question now!!! I don't know, I loved all of them and the fact that all f them died made me >='O. Well, except Jun. But yeah, maybe.... like everyone else, Jorge.
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@KaosAngel: I love you... in a brotherly way. Lmao.
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Call of Duty:Black Ops. Also, READ THIS WHOLE DAMN THING! With all the trailers, the only thing that will interest me is the wager mode. When I first got World at War, I loved the zombie mode. Then it just got meh. With Black Ops having zombies again, I really don't care now. Plus, the multiplayer looks the same as MW2. All those bonuses for "long shots" and "double kill" just makes me feel like it's MW2 all over again. If anything, I will borrow this from my friend because I love me some trophies and give it back once I can get as many trophies as I can. Also, I don't buy Activision anymore, but that's beside the point. What do you think of it? Are you buying it? What will you play it for? Do you think this is MW2, just in the past? Do you wish it could've just stayed like World at War instead of all these killstreaks, tags, perk upgrades and all that stuff? WHAT DO YOU THINK DAMNIT!? 
Also, don't start arguing with me because of anything I said because I'm just going to ignore you and if you don't have anything to say about the topic, just don't reply. Thank you. Now let me see your answers!