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@TwoOneFive: Alright dude, thanks.
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@luce: You should be concerned if they're going to put Mass Effect 1 on PS3.
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Yeah, but I just signed on my friends ps3 today. Same password and everything. I don't what the hell is wrong. Playstation must hate me. D':
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I hate this damn website so much. I just tried to sign into my account on it like 5-6 times and I have the right e-mail and password but it doesn't sign me in. It's like I'm refreshing the page instead of signing in because it just loads the page back. It's so useless. I don't know if this just happens to me or what but it makes me want to punch my laptop. This always happens. If I do get signed in, I'll go to like the games page and I'll be signed out. Like really? C'mon! They need to do something because my PS3 messed up and I can only get on when I go to my friends house and I want to see how it is on that website but it's just so retarded. Does this happen to you? Because it always happens to me and I'm tired of it.

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@Mayu_Zane: Do the new Pokemon current? Not the Diamond & Pearl series. The Black & white. They are just.... atrociously horrible.
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@jakob187: Maybe they show how he gets his white hair in this one!!! 

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" @Apathylad said:
" @jakob187 said:
" For all we know, Dante hasn't changed at all, and he's just fighting in his mind.  T_T  Yeah, I realize how ridiculous that sounds. "
What a tweeest! "
Keep Shyamalan the hell away from Devil May Cry! "
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@Armaan80142: Sorry dude, but be sure to make no mistakes in the future! If your email gets hacked or something, all you do is switch the password. Never delete it. But anyways, good luck dude! Hope something works out!!!
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" @CowMuffins said:
"I think I would be banned if I posted what I had in mind. "
I think I know what you have in mind; that's George Takei, right?  
Hahaha, that's what I thought. Then I remembered that he's gay and people would get banned but it's begging to be made. BEGGING!
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@Armaan80142: Dude, you're screwed. You have to make a new account then. Without that yahoo account, your account is gone. Why would you do such a stupid thing?-_-
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@spilledmilkfactory: Well you must tell me all about it once you finish it.( 
:@JJWeatherman: Have no idea of how to do that.>_<