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@Romination: 621 is the worst Pokemon ever created. And yeah, the lack of any other generation Pokemon in it until the end of the game is kind of gay. I read they wanted to give people a fresh start and just have these guys in it, not knowing any Pokemon will make it feel like the first versions again.  
They just posted the most of the TM list. I see like 8 or 9 new TM's. Most of them are old TM's.-_- (Sigh) Damn you Gamefreak! 
631= an anteater?!? 632= an ant?!? Someone's going to die!
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@blazerx9x: They're horrible to everyone else. Look at all of them very carefully. They look stupid.
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@RobotHamster: Exactly. That's what these "things" they call Pokemon look like.
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@Freezer_Burn: Those do look terribly stupid. But look at 621... Seriously? It looks like something a 4 year old would draw!
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@Romination: #532 and 533 looks like they were pumped with steroids and #621... I have no words for that crap. I can tolerate about 10 Pokemon. That's it. Only ones I think are good are 526, 570, 571, 587, 610, 611, 612, 628, 639 and 644. I want to dump on everything else.  #594, they say that could be another Luvdisc evolution. Baibanira is fucking horrible. #559 and 560 look like retards. Plus the water starter. He goes from an otter to a walrus. WTF?!
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Some of them are alright. That Pokemon Zoroark, #571, looks pretty cool, Wargle, #628 is cool and that dragon Ononokusu, #612 is pretty cool too. But look at the legendarys! From #638 on, they look fucking stupid! Wth are those things?!? And where are the real Pokemon!?!

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 @GlenTennis:   Gears evolve form is a bigger gear... Then a gear with a bottom ring. Wtf?

I mean. I loved all the Pokemon... until now. All of them look the same. When they evolve... they're just bigger or have another head or something. They make me want to shoot myself.

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I just finished seeing all the new Pokemon and all I have to say is... What the hell did I just see?! They all look so stupid and I can't even look at them. What the hell happened with the people who make Pokemon? Did they tell a kid to draw monsters and give it to them? Seriously. I want to pull my eyes out after what I just saw. I don't even know if I want this game anymore. These new Pokemon are making me want to punch some creativity in the creators. I'm going to stop complaining now. Here's the link. What do you guys think????  

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Doesn't seem like that dude knows a lick of english.>_< Well at least we know he's not all about talking it out! Looks vydhwsujhb awesome! Want to play!

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I have the t-shirt with the real guy, not claptrap. Just sayin.=P But yeah, sounds pretty cool.