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Aw man, get well soon Patrick, my birthday brother!

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I trust you guys, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a little bit scared too.

EDIT: Time Trotters maybe?!?!

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I just don't see a difference between the two options, really, I wanted my run to be perfect and so I made my run perfect. If I wanted to just accept things as they happened, I'd watch a movie. Not to say that I don't respect you decision. But you're choosing to give yourself that deep sadness and that just seems a little silly. Especially considering that the events of our personal save only make a difference to ourselves, why not just make yourself happy? You have the power!

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I know this is a horrible thing to say, but I take one look at this Bakhtanians guy and it ain't surprising in this slightest that he might possibly have a less-than-favorable opinion about how to treat women.

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No Kingdom Hearts, no Metal Gear Solid Anything, the fuck am I even doing here?

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Nice try Capcom, but I'm still waitng for the one-year-later re-release.

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Bro, stop apologizing for giving us awesome stuff! This is hilarious! And hilarity alone makes it like a "probably" on the "is it news?" scale.

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Like I said in the other article, no Kingdom Hearts, so screw this program.

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Well, the one game I would want to bring over to Vita, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, isn't available digitally anyway, so I'll never personally deal with this program. That and pretty much every other PSP game I bought was just a cousin of a console game, some of them even turned up on consoles after too much while. How long do you think until Sony starts releasing "PSP Classics" on Vita cartridges?