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I reached immediately for this video upon finishing the article. Make of that what you will.

(It was a very good read, by the way.)

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Thank you for using that image. Thank you so much.

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There were only two games that could make me get an Xbox One. This was the second of the two.

Side note, I seriously thought that that screenshot at the top was of Horizon 2, I keep forgetting how good Horizon looked.

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@pr1mus said:

@thesoutherndandy said:

What even is this website anymore? Giant Bomb has gone completely off the rails and I love it. And i love Vinny. This is amazing.

It's a Formula 1, wrestling, Australian foreign affairs and occasionally video games website.

The single most accurate description of this website ever written.

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Agree with the sentiment but maybe not the presented execution. Steam Sales have become a bit too much of a thing and they probably should ease up a bit, but the only reason they've gotten this big is because gamers have been getting priced out of games. I can't afford to spend 40 - 60 dollars on a game at launch or anytime really and while setting the price at maybe twenty and going up from there sounds good, it stops being so once you realize that it's going to keep people who couldn't afford it when it was cheap from affording it later when it's expensive. There is a problem with the way people get games (it's not a new thing, either) and it is certainly not an easy one to fix. Good on Roher for identifying the problem and presenting an alternative, but it's definitely an issue that needs to be tailored to the service.

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Damn, me and my friend were playing SC: Conviction last night.

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Fish seems to be the constant target of personal attacks, more than any online personality I've ever seen. It's interesting, because I'm pretty sure nobody who says half this stuff actually know him.

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Ryan and the rest of the GB Crew helped me smile in some tough times. Gonna miss 'im.

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