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This looks awesome. Duke Nukem Forever did the mistake of turning into a modern FPS with lots of hiding behind stuff and only coming out from cover to fire a few shots. This looks like it's sticking to the incredibly fast paced crazy gameplay, with lots of explosions and jumping around like a maniac and that's awesome.

Agreed 100%. Doom 3 and Duke 4 forgot their roots, their very cornerstone run and gun heritage. Triad had better not follow the same path.

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Kotaku blatantly fabricating "facts?" SHOCKING. Next you're going to tell me they consider themselves a legitimate gaming news site and that their commenters are second only to GameFAQs posters as the dumbest bricks on the internet.

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Hacking is cheating. Exploiting glitches isn't. Huge difference: the former involves manipulation from outside the scope of the game, the latter is firmly within and fair game. Regardless of what Blizzard states in its ToS.

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Anyone saying "Nintendo characters are better and that makes me want to play this game less" and the like:

Seriously? Really?

Because I've been playing these characters since the NES's release, and before (Popeye portable arcade machine by Nintendo) and I'm having difficulty comprehending why their appeal is so much greater, apparently, than the characters in Sony's offering.

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I want to see Leduc or Beowulf personally.

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Check his channel. So far he's got some great Cerebella stuff. Likely more characters to come.

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I was going to call egg's posts fallacies of James_Giant_Peach proportions, as they're -- ah screw it. Idiotic, for valid reasons already stated.

Farewell for now GB SG forum. Going to wash the taste out with something less caustic. Like savage vinegar or something.

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@Animasta said:

@scarace360: @Mesoian: I think it's that bad, especially the defense they used; "a women designed it so it's not sexist!" otherwise known as "some of my friends are black!" defense. I'm not going to bag on you for enjoying it or anything (I honestly would but I don't want to derail the topic further), just that it's a little too... pervy for me.

That's not actually the argument used. This is what's known as a straw man, where an argument is made, you ignore it and fashion a straw man you can easily refute, and then you refute the straw man. It's the sign of someone unable to make a valid point, because if actual sound arguments could be made, the straw man wouldn't be used.

I'm also going to say, with 30% snide and 70% confidence it's the whole and complete truth, that you don't know the first thing about art. The first. Just a hunch.

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Skullgirls is a weak effort, and sadly shows that competitive gamers aren't the ones who should be making games.

Settle down there, Skullgirls is far from a weak effort. It's an indie developed, widely released fighting game. Criticizing it for its flaws is one thing, but people poured an incredible amount of time and effort into this game. Regardless if the game is good or bad, it is absolutely not a weak effort.

In my very limited experience with James_Giant_Peach's posts, he's a giant imbecile without the first clue what he's talking about and a real strong argument for an ignore feature. He's like 19 of the 20 most used logical fallacies all at once; seriously, read his post, both here and in the "missteps" topic. I recommend steering clear.