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#1 Posted by AxeMeTender (16 posts) -

I still need to get RDR... perhaps when it's $10

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I live just in Canada, just over the border, and we used to make grocery runs before the prices achieved parity or worse.
I stopped buying Coke after our first trip because it tasted wrong.    I noticed the corn syrup thing, too and figured that's what it was. 
However!  Vanilla Coke isn't available anywhere near me and I love that stuff - tastes artificial as hell but it's good(!) so I still buy that when opportunity arises.   It blew me away that 7-11 had  a dispenser with Cherry, Vanilla, etc options for Coke.
Anyway, I had some vendors visiting and introduced them to "real"  Canadian style Coke and they were kinda shocked.  One of them took a case or two home for the office :)

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It seems like a pretty decent update to the software so far. (I don't use the marketplace for anything)
I like the DJ thing; I haven't used the itunes "genius" but this Smart DJ makes some pretty cool mixes based around a starting song or band.
I also like the mini player and tool bar player!  Long overdue.
I miss the band info and pics that would show up for most bands in that full-screen player mode;  I was hoping that stuff would be carried into the player... not removed entirely!
It took a few tries before my Zune 30 would "take" but after that it was painless.  Seemingly not much of an update on the player itself, but pictures seem to navigate a whole lot faster.

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My poo coloured Z30 is still kickin' it and I will be updating the SW tonight.   I've cracked the player open twice now - once for a broken screen ($30 to replace on eBay!) and once to disconnect the battery for the infamous clock issue - but I still love it.    I owned a 3rdGen iPod for a few years and it was a wonderful player but when the HD finally bit the dust I researched the heck out of the market and found that the new gen of iPods required iTunes where I'd gotten by without it up till then.    Turned out the Zune SW (I came in after 2.0 was released) was still a bugger to get comfortable with and somewhat feature-poor compared to iTunes but it was still BETTER than iTunes (barely), and V3 blew iTunes completely away because by then I was comfortable with it and it added mixview and channels, etc, which are really cool to play with.
I haven't heard anything at all about what's coming for my ancient player in the new version.  Just some rumours that the cool backgrounds and factoids we see in the full screen mode of the SW player for certain bands will be on the devices now, too; and maybe another major revamp of the interface on the device.
I'll hold back and see how the initial reviews and user feed back go for the Zune HD.   I'm about due for a new player (well in a year or three ;-) and it looks pretty freakin' awesome.

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@MrKlorox said:
" @Brad said:
" @Babylonian: It may be worth noting that I'll be on an airplane back to San Francisco by the time the community members get to show up and play. "
Yeah, it should have been noted in the Article. Way to be there for your fans, sphincter speaker. "
Hear! Hear!
I was all ready to make the 37hr drive (would've just squeaked into FW if chosen) but no Brad?  Bah!
Well, perhaps I'll save the stalking for my next training trip in SF - I actually cruised Sausalito last time I was there (I had to drive the bridge at least once and hey, whaddya know?  it's right there :)
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I just got GRAW2 and RB6:Vegas for $10 apiece (watch those fliers!) so it galls me that $20 might be the asking price for these games.   Classics, sure, but there's no medium or shipping or storage.  Downloads should be cheaper than store prices, not more expensive, and it totally bugs me that Steam and XBL maintain more or less static (and high) prices for old games.
Not to mention they totally fuck us in Canada with the exchange on points, guess we'll see how the credit card purchase option works.

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I would be totally psyched for a modernized update of the original game, but there's no way I could play the original again.
It's been long enough that I could play through the same story mode without much deja vouz and I don't know if a new, different x-wing or tie fighter would cut it.

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Thank you GiantBomb and frogsoblivion21 !

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Thanks for the update.
I just can't read this damned site in the grey-on-black format that Jeff seems to love so much.  ugh.
My eyes are too old, I guess.

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As a user of the white theme my only comment is: Looks like shit!

I'd forgotten how nasty the grey on black theme was to read.  You guys must have _really_ good monitors or jacked up eyes.   There's almost no differentiation between any of the page elements!   *sigh*  looking forward to the return of my beloved theme.

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