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You look lovely. :) I can only hope the results will be that good if I ever decide to transition. I've actually wanted to live as a girl since I was about 4 years old, and long story short, I'm still living as a man (for the most part) 20 years later. I've recently put some serious thought into transitioning though, and I came out to my mom about my TG feelings *literally* 2 days ago. She was very sad that I didn't tell her sooner as she could've supported me when I was a kid. I knew that's how she'd react as she's an ultra-progressive supercool mom. You'd think that with a mom like that, I would've just come out 12 years ago when I first started considering a sex change, but sometimes it's just not that simple.

Anyway, being a full-grown man makes me reluctant to go through with it. Will the results really be worth it? Will that little bit of happiness I gain from it really be worth it? I mean, it's not like I'm standing on the precipice of suicide. It's a big decision, and I don't know if simply being happier is enough to warrant it. I was actually diagnosed with dysthymia (mild but long-term depression) at age 6, and I feel this either never went a way or resurfaces on a regular basis. As a result I've just gotten used to being unhappy and it's become part of my character.

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Absolutely. I missed it last time around as I was sleeping during the livestream, but I'd buy one in a heartbeat. Perhaps they could do something cool with the proceeds in his memory.

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When I first saw that headline, I just assumed it was some dumb joke about him being married now. Goddamn...

I've been following Ryan since 2004 and he's always been one of my favorite internet personalities. He was one of the first people whose reviews I'd actually seek out rather than just reading them based on what games I was interested in. I was hoping to meet him someday, but sadly I will never have that chance now.

R.I.P. brother, you will be missed.

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Is anyone else reminded of platinum games by this. I think it looks pretty neat and I'm looking forward to playing this whenever the hell it comes out.

Does anyone else wish that after this square would just make a new final fantasy that's a throwback to the old days. They could focus on a good story, combat and music. I'm guessing there would be significantly less production costs and millions of fans would absolutely love something akin to FF 4/6, of course with modern day pixel art. That would be amazing.

This game has always been presented as Kingdom Hearts II combined with Advent Children, and it certainly does look like that. I'm sure Nomura's played Bayonetta by now, but this game was always gonna look like that, as so many elements were already used in KH2 but on a much smaller-scale. Anyone who's experienced the climax to KH2 knows what I'm talking about -- that shit was crazy at the time and to this day my favorite sequence of final bosses.

In addition to that, Nomura's a known fan of Battlefield Bad Company and the genre in general, and he wanted to include some of those scripted sequences and interactive cutscenes in his own games. Originally all 3 characters were playable, and the guy with the gun would turn the game into a third-person shooter, but it seems that idea may have been replaced with the assist attacks shown in this trailer.

So that's where some of his inspiration comes from.

As for classical FFs... They've continued to make those, y'know. They did 4 Heroes of Light a few years back, and its spiritual successor Bravely Default is coming to Europe later this year and the North America in 2014. That game is, for all intents and purposes, an FF game, and might just be what you're looking for.

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They've already released a second trailer:

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@mcghee: They did 4 Heroes of Light and its upcoming spiritual successor Bravely Default, which probably would've carried the FF name as well were it not for 4 Heroes of Light's bad sales.

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@nezza said:

Is it action game movement though, or is it Valkyria Chronicles action movement. The one thing that wan't shown was any form of UI, so it could well be that the jumps and cover are determined by movement/action points rather then total freedom of control.

I've never actually played a FF game. Never really been interested to be honest. But this trailer has at least piqued my interest and I look forward to seeing how it develops.

It's an action game by the developers of Kingdom Hearts I & II. This has been known for 7 years now. Did we really watch the same trailer? Because I don't see how anyone could mistake this for a strategy game. Also, the UI was shown as well.