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Id love to join in

IGN: Winterfist

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Any duders out there actively playing Gamma? I could use some Commander names to add to my friends list. My handle is Winterfist

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You know, guys, this is why I love this community so much. Here are my two extra North American (NA) codes. Enjoy Also, friend me on PSN and lets get a firing team together PSN Name is Winterfist. This is for PS4



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PSN: Winterfist

Central Time

AC4, Knack, Killzone, Battlefield 4

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I saw this at work today and cried at my desk. Odd how small the world has become that someone I never met, yet listened to for hours every Tuesday can mean so much. Ryan was great. My condolences to Ryan's family and the bomb crew. Such a profound loss.

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Hello fellow paradox masochists!

Could you do me a kindness and sign up for me with the link above? no need to sign up for newsletter.

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my Origin is axisandallies79. Please add me and let's play!

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thanks for the thread! axisandallies is mine. big surprise.

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: Here are a couple that won't make you hate yourself. Everyone expects the Chinese Restaurant, but what's going on at the Titty Bar?

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