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Id love to join in

IGN: Winterfist

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Any duders out there actively playing Gamma? I could use some Commander names to add to my friends list. My handle is Winterfist

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You know, guys, this is why I love this community so much. Here are my two extra North American (NA) codes. Enjoy Also, friend me on PSN and lets get a firing team together PSN Name is Winterfist. This is for PS4



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PSN: Winterfist

Central Time

AC4, Knack, Killzone, Battlefield 4

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I saw this at work today and cried at my desk. Odd how small the world has become that someone I never met, yet listened to for hours every Tuesday can mean so much. Ryan was great. My condolences to Ryan's family and the bomb crew. Such a profound loss.

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Recruit a friend program allows so free sweet DLC that links us all together. sign up for mine, and I'll sign up for yours! We can all get to the 100 I'm sure of it!

no need to sign up for newsletter.

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Hello fellow paradox masochists!

Could you do me a kindness and sign up for me with the link above? no need to sign up for newsletter.

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my Origin is axisandallies79. Please add me and let's play!

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thanks for the thread! axisandallies is mine. big surprise.

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: Here are a couple that won't make you hate yourself. Everyone expects the Chinese Restaurant, but what's going on at the Titty Bar?

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