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People with thousands of posts on a gaming forum don't know what a proc is.

Holy shit.

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Sounds like you need to, as they say, "git gud" and then you might enjoy it more.

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Literally the worst/most boring book in the series. The only redeeming parts are Arya and Bran. Five is marginally better. Hopefully the obese bastard will write quicker and bring back the good shit.

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It's almost 2014 and there are still people on the interwebs who think of Joe Rogan as just "that Fear Factor guy"

Boy oh boy.

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I am a white male and it is my privilege to feel entitled enough to point out any political incorrectness and/or social injustice wherever it may crop up.

In this case though, I didn't hear the joke or watch the award show (because it's almost 2014, what the fuck are you doing), but what I saw of Patrick's tweet reactions doesn't seem all that SJW-y.

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welcome to the internet

i look forward to your next thread, titled "could of, would of, should of"

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Start blaming the cars!

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The format you provided kinda makes it a little difficult to answer this. For example, I'm not sure what you mean by identify. Are you asking if I insert myself or my personality into my characters? Or if I just feel like "this is who I'd want to be if I lived in this world"? Also, I'll assume you mean custom characters, and not something like Bioshock's Booker or Marcus from Gears of War.

That said, I'll still give this a go.

1st vs 3rd person is a little weird. I can tell you I played wow in 3rd person, and I felt like a baller troll rogue, but I also did that for almost two years so there was more than the average amount of attachment. Similar thing for Dragon Age: Origin I guess. Less so for DA2. 1st person I can only think of maybe Fallout 3/NV and the Elder Scrolls games. Good amount of self-insertion or w/e you wanna call it there.

My main was my main. My dawg. Alts didn't matter for shit. Alts are soulless. Which also meant I had no qualms about making them female, but my main is always male.

Human vs Non-human - I usually prefer making a human, but if that's not an option for some reason it doesn't really matter as long as I can understand that backstory/lore of the race I'm playing

SP/MMO/Co-op - I can tell you that what I play in co-op pretty much doesn't matter. An example would be Left 4 Dead. I played Zoey pretty much every time just because I didn't care who I played. Can't really think of a custom character co-op, but maybe I'd care more then, like with an mmo.

Depending on the game, a subsequent playthrough can go either way. I can either try and go even deeper into my own character, or make something completely different just to see what happens. The latter usually doesn't go very far though.

As a final thought I just want to say you should really bring in some more rigid definitions for the things you want. For example, I might make a character that's based off of me appearance wise, and I can answer questions "the way I would answer them", but all I'm really doing is making the story play out in a way I would want it to happen in a book or movie. Does that mean I identify more with the character?

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Current results are absolutely disgusting.

Now I know why Patrick thinks the internet is a sick place.