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She literally looks exactly like a DOA version of Honoka from Love Live. Tecmo going for that anime money.

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@azhp: Umm you don't happen to have the Phantasmagoria w/ Chat video? I would love to relive that with the reactions from chat along with Vinny and Dave.

I wish! I actually only started doing this for this event, but I wasn't even a premium member when they did Phantasmagoria. Definitely one of my favorite videos though.

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@ph00p: yep, that's the alley next to the CBS office in downtown San Francisco. It's right by the gym I go to before work so I see it every day =P

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If you're wondering why I recorded it with twitch chat, it's because unlike the video archive, the chat is something that is lost to time once it's over. When I go back and watch these, I'm a little sad that I don't get the full live stream experience. So it's more for my personal gratification than anything else. :) Often times things that I don't notice at all when watching the video by itself become huge running jokes in twitch chat, and I like getting swept up in the excitement (toxic as it might be sometimes).

Also my friends who were in the Tetris video personally requested that I record the chat so they could go back and watch it later, and I just left it running all night since I knew Alex was going to be playing later.

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@shagge said:

On one hand, cheers!

On the other hand, damn you for including the chat. Hooooly shit, that was depressing.

I'm really weird and like watching the chat during big events like this, it's over a hundred thousand people getting together virtually and enjoying the same thing, and things that you might not even notice in the video become huge running jokes through the chat. And it's something that, once it's happened, is lost forever. The video might be available in the future, but the explosion of human garbage that accompanies it isn't saved. Now the hype lives on in this video, for better or worse. :P

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P.S. If you were curious as to the Tetris run/exhibition that Vinny was mentioning on Twitter last night, you can catch that here. It's actually some good friends of mine from the DDR community, so I had to get their run on tape:

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If you missed Alex's epic speed run of Big Rigs Over The Road Racing at AGDQ 2015 last night, check it out here. I've recorded it along with the twitch chat embedded so you can see it almost as if it were live. (Twitch chat is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I kind of love watching it, like watching a train wreck) I'm recording every single run of the marathon and will upload them after the marathon is over...but this run needed to get up ASAP.

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@shagge: Yeah, leaderboards, and especially friends leaderboards, are really fun for me. 99% of the time it'll only be friends I'm competing against, but for the rare times when I just happen to be really good at a game, it's good to know about it rather than having to go out to tournaments or something to prove yourself. It adds a lot of replay value to a game to be aiming to be better than one friend at a game...healthy competition is great for that sort of stuff.

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@tycobb: Haha I had no idea SRL did score based games or autoscrollers. I'm a huge fan of the site but I never race because I'm pretty bad at every game, my main game is SM64 16 star (22:45 PB). Thanks for the tip. :)