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@shagge: Yeah, leaderboards, and especially friends leaderboards, are really fun for me. 99% of the time it'll only be friends I'm competing against, but for the rare times when I just happen to be really good at a game, it's good to know about it rather than having to go out to tournaments or something to prove yourself. It adds a lot of replay value to a game to be aiming to be better than one friend at a game...healthy competition is great for that sort of stuff.

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@tycobb: Haha I had no idea SRL did score based games or autoscrollers. I'm a huge fan of the site but I never race because I'm pretty bad at every game, my main game is SM64 16 star (22:45 PB). Thanks for the tip. :)

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So I feel like no one has addressed the second part of the OP, which is: is it still creepy when girls like fan service, rather than guys?

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wtf was this thread about again?

Toothbrush incest.

I showed my girlfriend the video and she was just laughing the entire time and now I have to watch the whole show with her...

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999 is certainly creepy and unsettling, but in a good way. In that it it has horror elements to it. There was only one scene in which two characters have a conversation using sexual puns,albeit in a playful harmless manner.

If they were talking about 999 being creepy in another way, they had to have been playing a different game.

Patrick spent an inordinate amount of time talking about how they "spent too long on a suggestive joke and kept it going until they had beaten it into the ground" or something like that. As someone who played 999 through to all of the endings, I don't remember anything like that.

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@Castermhief117: @Itwastuesday: Examples? (I swear I'm not going to look them up, I just couldn't think of any examples and am wondering what you guys are referring to)

He's being sarcastic. But I wasn't - there are many examples of teenagers (or actors who are supposed to resemble teenagers) being sexualized at beauty pageants, on billboards, television, and movies. It doesn't happen to video games and cartoons though, because there's still a cultural divide at that point.

Two examples from movies that I recall: American Beauty and Romeo and Juliet (1960's version).

Oh god, now I'm having horrible flashbacks to watching Toddlers in Tiaras. They dress up and make up 7 year old girls to look like they're 20.

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It's definitely the fact that scantily clad characters in a lot of anime and jrpg's look like they are 12 years old. Regardless of the context that shit is creepy and unsettling. That's not to say western sexualization has a higher moral ground, it's just that it is more patronizing and insulting than creepy and pedophilic like Japanese sexualization.

I wonder if some of that is due to the fact that (at least from my experience anecdotally and a general stereotype) Asians typically look and sound a lot younger than Westerners. I have a whole lot of friends who are in their mid 20s and get mistaken for teenagers constantly. I'm not saying all Japanese sexualization is not pedophilic, but it might be a factor.

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It's subjective, I don't actively look for it in anything but if somebody is gonna send some boobs my way I'm not going to complain.

There's not really any point arguing over stuff like this, people have their own preconceived versions of what is right and wrong. If you don't like it you always have the option of not playing/viewing said media, saying THIS IS WRONG over and over isn't going to stop it existing. Sex sells. Whether it's pixel ladies or real ladies.

I'm with you on that. I think that Twilight is teaching girls to be vapid personalityless people who will have men fawning over them and are defined by the people who like them, but good luck telling people who like it that.

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@Castermhief117: @Itwastuesday: Examples? (I swear I'm not going to look them up, I just couldn't think of any examples and am wondering what you guys are referring to)

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Because of stuff like this. And this. And this:

That' I have no words for that.

With regards to the age thing, alright I can see that side of things. But I don't know that the outfits that female superheroes in American comic books are really any more tasteful.

And yes, thanks for all the NSFW stuff. That stuff is definitely the extremes rather than the norms, and I'm sure if I wasn't at work I could find niche American art that could be just as tasteless...