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I can't believe this game was developed in San Francisco. Don't they know none of us have that sort of room in our house? =(

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Metal Gear Solid 4. So beautiful, so intense, and it was my first PS3 game as well.

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I can't stop listening to's so beautiful. It's better than a sinner's sandwich.

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@Strongbadman47: THIS IS AMAZING.

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I was looking on Youtube for terrible dubstep and typed in Deadly Premonition dubstep, it was an autocomplete option but there was no dubstep. I turn to the Giant Bomb community to rectify this grievous error.

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@Crash_Happy said:

@AzHP: Your mistake was getting on board for all this 'anniversary' of dating malarky. What were you thinking?

I don't give a damn about anniversaries, but unfortunately Lindsey's bought into the whole "special days," she even wants to celebrate Valentine's day. >_>

@Fizzy: Holy cow, that stuff is really awesome! Thanks so much...I'm going to have to spend some time looking at these....

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I took someone else's advice and did some origami. She dug the hell out of it because I spent the time to do it. I also got her something along with that in case it didn't work but I don't remember.

That'd be great except my girlfriend works at a Japanese stationery store so there's no real novelty there. =(

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$300? Man, having a girlfriend is expensive.

I could spend a lot less and get away with it, but I just want to get her something that will make her happy. The backup gift I have for her was $80-ish.

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My girlfriend and I have been dating since November 2008 and to this date I have yet to get her a nice anniversary gift. I'm such a terrible gift giver that I've forgotten what I've given her these last two years, but this time she has made it clear that she wants something "romantic" that she can "show all her friends," e.g. a necklace. I already bought her something ( but after she told me it should be romantic, I decided I should probably save that for her birthday or something.

So, the internet is probably the worst place to ask, but...

Here are facts about my girlfriend:

  • She is a multi-talented dancer (ballet, modern, hip hop, jazz, tap, ballroom)
  • Her favorite video game series are Phoenix Wright, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame and Persona
  • She likes anime with boobs in it
  • She hates diamonds, but is ok with all other precious gems
  • She's allergic to earrings that aren't gold (silver might be ok too, not sure)
  • She doesn't actually have any non-nerdy female friends, so if it's romantic AND nerdy that would probably be the best

Price range is less than $300. Here's a picture for reference, in case it helps...

Thanks in advance! Assuming your idea is not terrible. Actually, I'm expecting most of them to be terrible, but that's perfectly fine. One man's garbage is another man's treasure, hopefully.

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I should post some videos of him playing DDR on here...

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In the Persona 4 Endurance Run episode 96, towards the end of the episode Jeff says "They should make a Persona fighting game," to which Vinnie replies "Yeah, I'm working on it right now." The in game calendar was this Friday, 9/2/2011. COINCIDENCE?!