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Thanks for doing this again. Always fun to see how wrong other people are :)

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Never would have watched any of the extra life stuff otherwise, but will definitely give this a go. Thanks a bunch!

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@syz said:

Guess PS4 users will just have to settle with Uncharted.

Release dates as they are (before everything gets delayed) would likely see Tomb Raider coming out pretty close to Uncharted 4. Maybe it's a timed exclusive just to dodge that bus. Given what we know about game sales being front loaded near release dates, there probably wouldn't be much difference between not coming out on PS4 at all, and coming out on PS4 within sniping distance of Uncharted.

I like this theory.

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Wow. Just wow.

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@rollingzeppelin Agreed. Although a bit old, this advice from Rock, Paper, Shotgun still holds true:

...the [£160 i5] 2500K sports four cores based on precisely the same architecture as the £850 Core i7 3960X and running at a similar 3.3GHz base clockspeed. And four cores is all you need for gaming, now and for the foreseeable future. Critically, the Core i5 series doesn’t have HyperThreading. For gaming, that’s actually a good thing since today’s software can’t tell the difference between a real core and a virtual core conjured up by HyperThreading. The danger here is that instead of running two intensive threads on separate cores, you end up running both on a single core. And that will kybosh your frame rates.

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That is an amazing theory! Would love it if it'd turn out to be true.

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I watched Doomsday yesterday on Vinny's recommendation. At the time of watching, I was convinced I was witnessing the best movie of all time.

Thanks, Vinny!