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@bceagles128 said:

Use tonitrus, charged with L1 before attacks. Should kill the little spiders in two hits.

First, kill the little spiders

Then attack Rom on the side of his body (i.e., not his head) with the charged tonitrus. You should be able to get him down to about half health before he transports.

From that point on, ignore the little spiders and focus on Rom. You need to look for openings to sprint through the spiders to hit Rom in the side. If you see spiders jumping at yougfto of there. Same if Rom rolls over. Try to stay close enough that he doesn't use his rain attack. I killed him before he teleported a third time using this method.

This. This was also the turning point for me where the game got really soul's like and I hit my wall at this point. Once i did this Rom was a joke and killed him after two tries. The smaller spiders are no joke.

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Robotech: Crystal Dreams. I wanted this game real bad when I was young. The footage that did get out is real hard to look at now though.

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Sign me up as well!

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Still between buying it, but add me to PS4 or Steam.

PSN/Steam: Azraeill.

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Trying to decide between PS4 and PC if I'm gonna get this game, but it seems like PC would be the go to choice for a FPS. Seems pretty split between those two platforms from what I've seen people getting it on.

This. Debating what to get it for if I get it at all.

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In gamespots preview, there's a clock in the inventory menu and I currently don't have that in my game. I assume once you beat the First Assignment mission that appears or is that a perk?

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@whur: Sweet took the third one. Thanks you!

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That controller is pretty sweet lookin.

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I ordered a ps4 copy as well. Pretty stoked to get it whenever it finally gets here.

PSN: Azraeill.