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I thought the last third of the game was terrible. It felt like it was constantly putting me in "Secure this area" mission every room. The MP i tried a few matches but I constantly got pushed into the spawn I stopped playing.

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GT Azraeill

Central time zone

Dead Rising, Forza, KI

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Psn: Azraeill.

Killzone knack ac4 and BF4. I need more duders who game.

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@jukezypoo said:

Maybe? Depends on whether any of the expansions (China rising excluded since I have that free) seem worth the investment. It's pretty damn expensive


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I agree, the feel of the controller is probably tops right now. The only little gripe I have is the mechanical clicking sound of the face buttons which I never noticed with the 360 controller.

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Just started playing multiplayer last night


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Yeah. I bought the controller to use as a second controller for my PS4, but I figured id tool around trying to get it to work like the xbox controller on my PC. It's not a terrible about of work but its not exactly plug and play.

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So I bought a DS4 and hooked it up. It registers as a Generic game pad and worked with some games and not all. I couldn't get motionjoy or BetterDS3Tool to work with it properly so I used xbox360ce to map the buttons to act like a 360 controller. No rumble but all the buttons function how they do with a 360 controller. I would wait till some sort of official or third party drivers come out. I'm curious if anyone else has tried as well.

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I would like to go all digital, but I think itll be a mix for now.

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@dharmabum: Sorry been on a flight and havent had the chance to check. I had to verify everything again so I sent a request.

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