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I'd be more interested if it were life-sized

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I just listened to "Paper Planes" for the first time and holy shit is that song awful.

Awfully good!

Nah, I meant awful in the "it makes me want to vomit" kind of way.

Just to clear up any confusion you might of had.

Man, this is the second time a person has said that they have just now listened to Paper Planes for the first time. It's impressive because the song is not great so good for you, but I don't know how it's possible. That song was everywhere is 2008-09. Did you not hear it in any movies that came out, advertisements on the internet and TV, trailers, radio stations, clubs/bars, or not overheard it sung or played by a fellow co-worker or co-student or whatever social environment you're a part of? It boggles my mind. And it's not like that song was just popular in one area of the world, it was global.

Interesting what you say about that. I know you say it was global, but maybe it didn't quite carry that Zeitgeist in every country. The podcast actually drove that home for me - I live in England and I've never, ever heard Paper Planes, but when Patrick said he didn't know Kasabian's 'Club Foot' I had to do a double take. In England that song was an anthem for years.

That's what I don't get. Paper Planes by M.I.A is of English origin. She's from London, England and her music is based out of there as well. And while I think that the song might have been in the media more in North America, it still made charts in the UK. But you're right, I don't know how that song was advertised over there.

I lived in England briefly from June to November 2008. When I was there, the Ting Tings, and Kings of Leon were really big. And The Arctic Monkeys too I believe. It's funny after coming back to Canada how those bands bled into the mainstream over here.

I had to look up what Paper Planes was after that podcast as was surprised to find it's apparently the 32nd most acclaimed song of all time...clearly I missed something.

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no Tempest?

what is this?

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I don't understand the concept here of peeing in the shower being "gross", what kind of world is this? Peeing in the shower is one of the few highlights I can count on every day. Even if you somehow miss the drain and piss on yourself or something, you're taking a shower (presumably to clean yourself) so what's a little last minute dirtying in the end?

Also, this thread is pure gold.

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@DG991: As in sarcasm, but I was raised in a home of sarcasm and so I have a nostalgic fondness for it. I don't know, I just find it fun, kind of like how I have listened to many a Giant BombCast without any interest in games just because when they're not talking about games (and sometimes when they are), the GB staffers are hilarious. I kind of just lump Alex in with their crowd due to the crossover. Movie-related articles don't interest me, but Alex's articles that usually offend at least one person? I'm down.

Despite site differences, I don't understand the inter-site warfare though, I mean (presumably) we are all nerds of some caliber...otherwise we'd be spending our Internet on Facebook or something with the other cool kids. All five sites have good things and bad things and target different things, you can't love 'em all. Sometimes I wonder what it's like in the office though, do all the staff get along in real life? Sometimes I get the impression that is not the case.

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@courtney12490 said:


Well folks, if anything, this thread has encouraged cross-community interaction. Things can only get better from here.

@Athadam said:

Just did the quick math for that one 140,000 post guy.

To get 140,000 posts on these forums,

you'd have to post 77 times a day, everyday, for the next five years.

(*cough* he started posting in 2008, that brings it to about 120 a day *cough*)

The 2008 thing is actually a bug. June 6, 2008 is the day that CV was incorporated into Whiskey Media and everything that was added to the site before that date, with the exception of threads, has that date as the day it was created /added/joined.

he actually joined in like December of '07 if I remember correctly...he was sporting Orlando Bloom as an avatar until people thought he was chick so he now does the scantily clad women instead

@DG991 said:

My main problem with that site is that Comic books don't interest normal people unless they read them back when ... well back before the internet.

I have no problem with an adult reading comics because they did so back when they were younger and continue to do so.

I fail to see how someone who is 25 or younger could have possibly grown up with comics unless a parent or older sibling shared with them.

It baffles me that there are enough people out there to justify 'coverage' of comic related news... it's also the most boring part of the whiskey media happy hour when they get up there and talk about comics. I do think that girl is somewhat cute and entertaining though. To bad she doesn't cover stuff like movies/tv/video games blah blah blah

And something that pisses me off about screened is the total lack of caring Rorie and Alex seem to have for the awesome job they have. Not to mention... Alex is not a likable personality imo. I still like them though.

Tested....... I just... *face palm*

they are awesome but... God damn do they get so opinionated. And they often do it without realizing it. They completely dismiss a point of view if it doesn't line up with them. Then again, so does Giant Bomb on occasion when they talk about people who love counter strike, or who think that the cell shaded zelda was not in good taste, or the people who want an honest Nintendo attempt at a darker zelda.

Or people who buy racing wheels... whats wrong with that?

Anyways... tl;dr

Whiskey media is pretty cool, but comic vine sucks.

I think you're forgetting the power of those cartoons and movies and shit...I'm pretty sure that pulls a lot of people/kids into "comics", truth be told I don't think half the people at ComicVine read comics or care that much about them. It's more like, they saw some cartoon with Batman and then they look up Batman pics and they end up on ComicVine or something where they realize they can just hang out and post stuff that has nothing to do with comics. That's also why there's younger users there then the other sites. When you're a kid and your parents neglect you and you have access to the entire can either read about comic characters or watch porn, or both. Video games/movies/tech/anime you kind of actually have to take part in to be part of "the scene".

Also, Alex is my favorite part of Screened because of his charm. If he wasn't around I don't think I'd read a single article there. Plus, the Rorie solocast just isn't the same.

My primary point here is that all the other sites attract a niche; ComicVine kind of just pulls in every random Internet user who got lost...there's a lot of people there who love comics sure, but there's a lot of other random people too. There's not a single user on ComicVine who feels at home in every aspect of it, or even every forum. I think the forum filter ability was exactly created because people didn't want things like Battles or Off-Topic in their main forum feed. The other sites are like a crossbow and ComicVine's like a shotgun.

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@Herzalot: Different site, but this bug was reported on ComicVine a year ago and LAMP said it's a known bug with no fix.
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@Newten said:
" Also what about people with multiple accounts on Comic Vine or Anime Vice, lots of users have seperate accounts for the RPG forums. "
I think you can only use your e-mail to sync one of your multiple accounts to the Whiskey the others I suppose would be exclusive to the one site (unless you made a second e-mail)
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@JJWeatherman said:
" Nice. I'm a little worried about the wiki points carrying over to other sites though. Just because someone knows comic books in and out doesn't necessarily qualify them to go in and make a bunch of video game edits without moderation. I'm sure everything will work out though. This is Whiskey Media we're talking about here.  :) "
I may hate having to go through moderation on GB because I have thousands of points on the other 3 but I don't really know how things work around here and as a mod on other sites I can appreciate the process of figuring out the different databases and not just assuming I know everything
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@snide: what about being wiki banned on one site but having live edit on another? that will still be unaffected right? 
I mean one of Screened's biggest contributors was banned and had his points zeroed out on ComicVine for 10,000+ points worth of plagiarism...seems a little unfair for him to have access to the site again just because he's doing okay on another site and then there's always other users who could like one form of Whiskey-related media but hate another and try and vandalize that site...but the ban would still be site-specific right?
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