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It'd be different if there were some sort of a original concepts, and I am by no means a nintendo fanboy, but this is blatant and I'd almost feel like I'd be playing a SSM user made mod. I'd expect nintendo to keep things arcadey and juvenile in it's presentation : lackluster cartoon style graphics, cheerful menus and bubbly combat techniques.

I know Sony has it's cartoonish characters but come on here folks, even those GOW maps look half assed.

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@Village_Guy said:

Performance MX

All around a nice enough mouse, and it have served me well for some time now.

Picked this up specifically for D3. Typically I feel a little awkward with ergonomic peripherals but this feels great after a brief warm up.

The button below where the thumb rests is sneaky and I figured it out on accident. Enough binds to do what you gotta do.