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@rorie: When will the first round of calls be happening, instead of what I've been doing which is refreshing my e-mails?

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@rorie: This is the job I was born for. I'm pretty pissed this went public since I applied last week through CBSi, and now Im going to get drowned by the masses. My cover letter basically goes on to say that I'd sacrifice my firstborn and drink the blood just to get a face to face, because there's no way I wouldn't get the job. I live and work in NYC and would easily take a pay cut and relocate to make all of you peens laugh at videogames. Shit, man.

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It'd be different if there were some sort of a original concepts, and I am by no means a nintendo fanboy, but this is blatant and I'd almost feel like I'd be playing a SSM user made mod. I'd expect nintendo to keep things arcadey and juvenile in it's presentation : lackluster cartoon style graphics, cheerful menus and bubbly combat techniques.

I know Sony has it's cartoonish characters but come on here folks, even those GOW maps look half assed.

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@Village_Guy said:

Performance MX

All around a nice enough mouse, and it have served me well for some time now.

Picked this up specifically for D3. Typically I feel a little awkward with ergonomic peripherals but this feels great after a brief warm up.

The button below where the thumb rests is sneaky and I figured it out on accident. Enough binds to do what you gotta do.