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Thank you so much for the help, guys.

Does anyone know if Cox Cable is cool with two modems? Some brief Internet perusal seems to indicate that they may charge me for having a second one hooked up.

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Hello! I'm getting ready to move to a new place. I'm moving into the second floor of someone's house and they already have a router downstairs that I can use as part of my rent.

I am concerned that the internet won't be as good as I would like as I have had bad luck with wireless internet before. There is a coax cable connection in my part of the house - is it possible to hook a new modem and a new router up to this connected and be fine? Can two modems and two routers be running simultaneously on the same internet service?

Thank you!

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So you think it is still fine without the puzzles, @patrickklepek ? Is that a BETTER way to play, or should I just go ahead and get 999? I can wait for the English version, but I own both an iPhone and a 3DS.

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It's surprising seeing no threads in this forum, I figured a Harvest Moon game for the 3DS would gather a little bit of attention.

I'm getting a 3DS soon and am looking at games to pick up for it. Unfortunately there's no video coverage of this Harvest Moon game here, and nothing in the wiki, so I ask here: would anyone recommend this to someone who hasn't played a Harvest Moon game since the N64? It has a middling score on Metacritic, but I don't trust that enough.

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Nothing I have is overclocked.

i5 3570k and a HD 7950.

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Dug a little deeper and it seems to be a relatively widespread issue. Here's a link to a thread on the official Ubi forums discussing the issue and highlighting possible fixes: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/732539-Crashing-after-5-40-minutes-of-gameplay-without-fail!

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Hey there. I got Far Cry 3 from AMD's Never Settle promotion for buying a new videocard from them.

I got FC3 installed today and have had nearly 10 full crashes over the course of 2 hours.

First few crashes were during the opening mission, next few were right before deactivating the first radio tower, and now I've had a few more during the first outpost takeover.

Halfway through this ordeal I restarted my PC and downloaded what looked like a new driver from AMD's website. It has crashed twice since then. My settings are on default.

Does anyone know how I could possibly fix this?

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Hello! I am building a new PC tomorrow and I'm not sure how to go about transferring my iPhone's backup to the new computer.

I don't care about music or videos on the phone, I can resync those. I just don't want to lose apps, texts, contacts, etc in the move. How should I go about doing this?

Thank you!

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Hello friends!

I am building my brand new PC this weekend. My current PC uses Windows 7, and some time ago I received a backup disc, posted here, from Microsoft, along with a product key for it.

Will this backup disc function as a fresh install of Windows 7 on my new PC once I build it, or will I have to buy a new operating system?

Thank you!