Ryan Davis In Memoriam: Photoshop Edition

After hearing the news today, I wanted to do something, but I've never been much of a writer; I'll leave that to the many others here that are. Instead I'll try to keep this short and sweet then get down to business.

He is in fact groping me in this picture.

To give you an idea of my state of mind right now, I lost my dad earlier this year; the single most painful thing to happen in my life thus far. The loss of Ryan is up there.

I only met him once, briefly, at PAX East this last March. Despite that, I feel like I knew him. Partially that was because of what he (and Dave) did for community involvement via the TNT Promo thread, but mostly because he shared so much of himself online with all of us. For those things and so much more, I thank him.

To my favorite internet asshole, we'll miss you, Ryan.


With that out of the way, Ryan was a fan of "stupid" photoshops, be they well made or not (intentionally or otherwise). I'd like to share mine of Ryan that I've made over the years. They've all been posted in the Staff Photoshop Thread or in the TNT Promo Thread over time, but I'd like to put them all in one place.

And with that, I'd like to invite everyone else to share their own photoshops of Ryan, or post their favorites here.

Posted by vikingdeath1

I have no photoshop ability, But my god those photos made me smile when I needed it.


Posted by vikingdeath1

I have no photoshop ability, But my god those photos made me smile when I needed it.


Posted by periahdark

I made one earlier today and posted it in the In Memoriam thread. I'll post it here as well I suppose. Man, am I gonna miss Ryan.

Posted by ChrisTaran

@periahdark: I absolutely love that. First thing all day that made me genuinely laugh out loud. Ryan would have loved that :)

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This was always my favorite:

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@toowalrus: Holy shit I forgot how perfect that is.

Posted by Phatmac

This was always my favorite:

Fits so well.

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@periahdark: This is the hardest I've laughed all day, thank you so much. Brilliant.

Posted by Sammo21

This legitimately laughing out loud while also tearing up. Ryan ALWAYS could make you laugh. I was looking forward to crazy ass stories from his honeymoon tomorrow. My God...its still really weird. I guess that's the internet for you. Either way, this thread was a nice way for me to end the night. Thanks.