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Inititially I had my Giant Bomb profile and my Xbox Live profiles linked then all of a sudden Giant Bomb is going on about how my Xbox Live profile is flagged as private which just isn't true. I have double checked numerous times on xbox.com and everything is set to "Everyone"

What gives?

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any word as to when this mythical "live" episode is going down.

also any word as to why I woke up, went to Giantbomb.com and didn't see a new episode; other than these fairy tales about only pre-recording so much and them being out of pre recorded episodes?

talk about a day being off to a bad start >.<

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What comment where?
Also it's later and it's still not up?  What gives >_<
And no this is NOT a pointless thread.  A thread created due to a lack of new ER episode being up as scheduled is cause for concern, panic and total disarray
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Ive always had a casual interest in the Megaten/Persona games but I know they are too much of a time sink for me to try to get caught up with.
I am in a sense vicariously playing through P4 since I know I would not have the time (and as it stands the resources like a TV, PS2 and copy of P4)

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@cowdrunk:  Here are some of the highlights:

besides that, and a few other pics already posted that was pretty much it.  There was also some fighting and random acts of hyper jumping strewn about but mostly dancing and hand holding lol
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@Satune: Damn, I was going to post that exact pic (that I capped on my end)

Alas I has other touching pics to post <_<



^Simply touching...though now that I look at it, like looks like they are touching each others butts.


^Borderline heart wrenching.  I literally felt a tear in my eye after capping this pic :'(  lol
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@FluxWaveZ:  I can't say which one is worse for I cannot seem to get into the main giantbomb chat room...though the one I am in is pretty sad since the tools there can't seem to wrap their head around the fact that the GiantBomb crew is not monitoring the second chat room yet they are asking questions anyways.

EDIT: I think I managed to get into the main chat and....it seems to be more of the same
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@FluxWaveZ:  Totally random questions are WAY more entertaining than questions that remain on topic.  Especially if said topic is Matrix Online lol
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@imayellowfellow:  Giantbomb references are NEVER pathetic.  But yeah the chat room is a mess....moreso because I am in the second one which doesnt seem to be being monitored in any way
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