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Youtube version will appear here:

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Ive had to restart the upload due to Windows 8 deciding that it was a great time to perform a restart to install updates 75% through the upload. Starting again, and when it's ready should appear here, but could be a couple of hours still: Now Ready: Enjoy!

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Day 2 YouTube is uploading now - may be a couple of hours or so..

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It's on the bombcast feed now and I've stuck the video up on YouTube also.

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All Whiskey HD videos are constantly buffering on my Boxee too.. The app has pretty much become unusable..

I'm streaming Netflix and iPlayer in HD without issue.. it seems that it was since the Boxee update (not the one yesterday, the one before) it has killed streaming on the Whiskey apps - no sure if this is an issue that can be looked into? Although I did manage to watch most of the Tested podcast live yesterday through the app without issue - I assume this is because its just embedded.

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I liked this one better than the last one, appreciate that I got more of the main characters voice work in there.. (does anyone know who actually voices the 'cockney' british man?)

However, as many have said - each release just feels a little thin on the ground content wise. The two new vehicles are mostly just re-skins of what we already have, and while I actually quite enjoyed the missions it was over far too quickly, and began to get a bit less fun and more repetitive toward the end. I suppose if you grouped all of the season pass content together after everything has been released it might feel worth it; it's just getting it in tiny hour portions - I literally have nothing left to do in the game.

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Hmm.. seem to be having trouble streaming HD again today too (UK). Having the issue on and off for the past few months like most, usually lasts about a few hours then returns to normal.

General speed seems fine..

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What happened to the Spock SR3 loading screen?

I love how most of the music is now forever cached on my hard drive, INSTANT DUBSTEP!

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I also have a pass. Anyone want it, feel free to PM.

Edit: Gone.

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