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Transistor, Abyss Odyssey and Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall are standouts for me so far.

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Good on TB for writing that. Very well thought out! Also, surprisingly entertaining to read for such a long text on a dry subject. I actually realized I've never read much more writing than a couple of posts and tweets by him.

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First time I heard of this "swatting" practice. I'm not even a fan of pranks to begin with, so something like this seems just really unnecessary. I'd certainly be pretty fucking unimpressed if some twat decided to call the cops on me as a hilarious "joke". More so if I'd get busted with weed for no good reason. Not to mention how irresponsible and dangerous shit like that is should the situation escalate.

In that video the cops seemed aggressive and annoying as hell but not totally out of line to me. The dude didn't resist at all but in what mood are they supposed to be while possibly going into a firefight?

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@truthtellah: That video is not exactly what you'd want to see front and center on a police department's homepage, I agree. That tone is not very recent though. It was incredibly widespread for all kinds of combat footage from Iraq, Afghanistan and so forth to feature Die Motherfucker, Die! or Let the bodies hit the floor. I'm not sure many commenters deny a peculiar lack of boundaries between US military and law enforcement (not that it's limited to the US).

Polygon bringing that up now all of a sudden is what reeks of click-bait. You didn't need the Ferguson tie-in to start that discussion if a reasonable discussion is all you wanted. Using an unfinished game as an example, where you'd have a choice between probably thousands of released games featuring similar settings, is just questionable. Also using relatively "good" (as in not exactly gun porn) examples of less whacky games like SWAT, America's Army, Operation Flashpoint would really increase credibility too.

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I'm not going to read the article besides what has been quoted here so keep that in mind. The premise immediately falls apart for me since it compares a complicated real world situation that's very much still in progress to PR materials for a cartoonish and very, very simple setting of a game that hasn't even really released yet. That's just not how you approach your controversial, far-reaching and damning point and still expect to get smart and respectful reactions. That's how you approach your point when you want to provoke a reaction, any reaction, right now.

Other than that, I think @brodehouse has it right. It's a shame that these tactics come up so much recently since, just like many of the socially progressive topics, there's stuff worth examining here and articles like this one don't help at all with getting a reasonable discourse going. Fetishizing the military and firearms in media and the subtle or overt effects it could have on culture at large might involve problems I don't want to carelessly dismiss. Doing that would be as silly as forcing that topic at all costs.

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Very nice. There seems to be a lot of promise, especially if that wound system ends up being as meaningful as it sounds. I'm certainly always hungry for both good strategy games and excellent videogame interpretations of the Warhammer universe. That special mix of playing it incredibly straight while presenting an utterly absurd, hyperbolic and imaginative setting holds a very special place in my heart.

It would be great to get a really good game from the fantasy side of things since most of my favorite WH videogames tend to favor the 40k variant. But I'm not aware of any reasons for the fantasy setting actually being inferior. Way too early to tell where this'll go but I'm going to keep my eyes on this one. Mordheim is also a great WH name. Someday I want a nice home in Mordheim.

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Thanks for these impressions guys! Looks like Piranha Bytes brought back some of the traditional Gothic flair for this one. I think that might be a good idea even if I don't see them having continued success if they serioulsy try to sell what is effectively the same game over and over again for much longer. Shame that their only attempts at somewhat breaking the cycle (Gothic 3, Risen 2) were so deeply flawed and controversial among fans.

After the embargo lifted I feverishly tried to get a solid read on the game via World of Risen and other sites. Ultimately it seems to be 'another solid one of those' with all that entails. While I bought every Gothic (except 1, that was before my time) and Risen game upon release I decided to wait this time. Yet another round of pre-order DLC certainly didn't help at all. Locking 2 out of 9 islands, the gnome one containing one of the more humorous, strange and generally enjoyable settings of the universe, behind that sort of shit? Serioulsy, Deep Silver/ PB/ whoever is fucking responsible?

I'm sure I'll have at least respectable fun with it once the game + all DLC has hit a €20 or so price point. In some naive way I still hope PB can be succesful amongst their modern peers - there's still something magical here, I swear - but I'm done chasing that dream at the cost of a full price game for now. Glad there's still enjoyment to be found for fans of that strange little RPG mutant though.

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The shooting as well as the following unrest was definitely reported on several different occasions over here (example, in German) and they're continuing to cover the incident. It would seem that they didn't put up anything on the English site though and it has, of course, long been buried under Iraq, Gaza and Crimea on the front page. It's being reported in a relatively neutral fashion though. Quoting official police reasons and contrasting them with local US news outlets and eye witness reports. Confusing situation, especially with the apparent ban on air traffic that is very easy to read as "let's keep fucking press out of this mess". That harsh stance of US law enforcement is what probably freaks me out the most. Social media distribution of clips without any context is a solid weapon against that but we all know how reliable that can be.

Having been part of civil unrest situations that went relatively poorly, I can't imagine what it must be like to turn that corner and not just run into police in full riot gear with armored cars and gas but suddenly facing cops that, at the very least, give the impression of being armed in a military fashion. I'm skeptical, but if there was an understandable reason for using such excessive force, trying to supress information is not the way to handle and de-escalate that.

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Yeah, being late to the party when the PC version finally released was bittersweet for me. Playing the last big budget Double Fine game long after that transition actually happened was surreal. Brütal Legend is definitely style over substance but I was quite content with that wealth of diverse, yet superficial, gameplay elements. I think I was less upset about the strategic stuff since I'm a huge PC strategy fan and from that perspective I didn't really take that stuff very seriously to begin with. That was more an enjoyable delivery method for the theme (which worked very well I thought) and an excuse to design all those whacky metal archetypes.

I even did every single optional thing in that game since I was perfectly happy cruising around that badass world, blasting an ever increasing number of lovingly chosen songs. I actually really fucking like Brütal Legend. It's second only to Psychonauts which pretty much does a similar thing: all the creativity and more variety than seems sane for a developer packed into one game with gameplay that's just polished and interesting enough to carry it all.

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That is very unfortunate. Though if this is just the usual manipulative PR way of saying "we'll pretend you have to get it on XBOX until it obviously releases on other platforms" I'm not too bothered. I can wait. A true exclusive would be incredibly fucked. I love the last TR and not being able to play the next one on my platform of choice would really piss me off. I hope Square Enix don't regret their admirable dedication to good PC versions in recent years.

If publishers could leave us PC Gamers out of the worthless console bitch fights that'd be just grand. Oh well, nothing to do but wait and see.