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Very cool. I like the colorful, abstract "background" the most. The very clean bomb to contrast with it works very well indeed and I like how effortlessly that conveys the GB motif.

But the version I'll probably be looking at repeatedly is the last picture in the OP. Man, that's one hell of an artwork. I actively enjoy just looking at it and letting my associations run wild. Very well done!

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@demoskinos: Hah, that's very good to see! Seems like Sera might very well be my kind of character. Sort of like Zevran if he wasn't completely useless and late to the fucking party from a gameplay perspective. I'm in the same spot as with DA2 though. The game seems way too far off from what I want out of a proper RPG in this vein but it has some cool characters and an interesting world. Maybe I'll play it someday when DA:O is a distant memory and I might be able to appreciate the rest of the franchise as the solid fantasy ARPG it has become.

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Immediately killed Wynne in my first DA: Origins playthrough, Zevran during the second.

Killed Elanee in Neverwinter Nights 2. Qara and Sand respectively during different playthroughs.

Killed Ignus and Vhailor respectively during different Planescape: Torment playthroughs. Fall-From-Grace too, by accident.

Killed Minsc, Korgan, Keldorn and Aerie during various Baldur's Gate 2 games. Dynaheir in BG 1.

Killed many, many of the characters in Alpha Protocol between all my games but those aren't tradtional companions, strictly speaking.

Probably various Fallout characters over the course of the series as well. Some of those playthroughs get really sociopathic! That's it off the top of my head. I really enjoy games that don't just treat potentially allied characters as assets and make it a viable (as opposed to just bone-headed) option to treat them as hostile entities. Bonus points if you literally cannot ally with everybody at once.

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I'm working my way through Emil Cioran's writing in chronological order. Just finished On the Heights of Despair and have started The Book of Delusions. Fascinating stuff.

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@captain_felafel: That was my first thought as well. Here's hoping that the preposterous feature list is a sign of EA investing massively into Dragon Age and not their marketing desperately trying to hit every stupid bullet point imaginable to appeal to every demographic there is. I just can't shake the gut feeling that Inquisition is going to be a disappointment for me.

How can they constantly claim to create the perfect synthesis of button-mashy action and tactical, effectively turn-based RPGs and then present me with a fucking MP mode that really doesn't seem to be a logical extension of DA: Origins combat at all? Something's shady here. It might just be another tacked-on MP game for the mobile and free-to-play crowd. I hope it is. I'd really enjoy it if DA:I just was a good goddamn singleplayer RPG that respects it's oldschool Bioware roots. I'm not too concerned about whatever else they tack on if the quality of that doesn't suffer! It'll at least be exciting to actually find out what the game really is, regardless of quality, so that's something.

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What an interesting question to think about. Surprisingly difficult too. I don't buy hype very frequently nowadays.
My prime example is definitely Morrowind. It was the first game with a meaningful volume of text I played entirely in English because I just couldn't wait for the localized version. That game delivered for years!

The only cases where I was similarly excited are Battlefield 3 (severe disappointment when compared to the source of me being hyped: BFBC2) and Oblivion (good game, massively flawed for a PC open-world game, ultimately not the TES sequel I wanted).

I was pretty damn excited for the Tomb Raider reboot as well and it blew me away. I'm not sure if the marketing delivered actual, proper hype since that went off the rails pretty hard prior to release. Dragon Age: Origins is a similar case. I was very excited but wary and then the game delivered it all.

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I'd gladly take Knock, Knock!

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Five people on a podcast can be too much. Other than that I'd like Jason to be on the podcast frequently. I think he's doing very well with all his active roles so far. A very pleasant surprise after his sneaky behing-the-scenes start!

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I use the curation feature sparingly at best. I still think it's pretty interesting and has potential but so far I wouldn't say that it actually managed to put surprising stuff on the store page for me. I'm starting to occasionally read some user reviews and view the community hub for games and that still is the only stuff I use Steam for other than activating the games that force me to (so pretty much most of them).

I agree that highly judicious and selective use of the feature would be the only way to make it worth my time - I'm not going to keep up with a flood of recommendations. So, as of right now, if curation doesn't have a tangible marketing benefit for GB don't invest serious ressources into it. GB is still one of the only pseudo-"social media" services I use and Steam certainly isn't even close to competing with that the way I look at it. Of course, being European and having to buy Steam keys literally anywhere but on the Steam store to not get ripped off doesn't help. All Steam gets out of me with its own store is some of that sweet trading card cash.

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Keeping an eye on her next project should be pretty interesting. I'm curious what direction that'll go in generally. Though the last time I actually watched interviews and promos with her was when she did PR for the first Assassin's Creed so it's been a while.