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Personally I'm more of a European power or American progressive metal guy. Blind Guardian, Fates Warning, Tad Morose, Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation, Nightwish, Queensryche, Demons & Wizards. Early Hammerfall was fun. MANOWAR, MANOWAR, LIVIN ON THE ROOOAD!

NEVERMORE is the best 90s/00s thrash band. Dreaming Neon Black. I only now realize the effect that band had on me. "We are the useless product of soulless flesh". Accurate.

Oh man, that could almost be a list of my metal history. Though it's been quite some time since I was really into power metal. Nevermore is metal in it's most glorious form to me though. Still is. I always find time to listen to most of those albums again. So good. Godless Endeavor especially.

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@matatat: I agree with Gunpoint and Max Payne 1 & 2. Played those myself and really enjoyed each of them.

I personally quite liked Alan Wake as well as American Nightmare even though those games are somewhat divisive. Those discounts aren't great compared to what they where at before many times however.

Back in the day Runaway was one of the oldschool point-and-click adventures I liked playing a lot. I never followed up on the first one so I don't know the rest of the franchise or Yesterday from the same dev. It's pretty much standard traditional adventure gameplay but I liked the setting and characters.

Hm, now I have to decide if this'll be the day I actually try LA Noire or one of those intimidating Wargames.

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@corevi: Good call, those games are great even if they do weird things with their alternate reality war setting.

My favorite WWII game is Company of Heroes. Really strong skirmish and multiplayer and some strong solo content as well. The original campaign is good but my favorite is probably the Wehrmacht campaign from Tales of Valor. The recent second entry is good as well and I hear good things about the Ardennes Offensive DLC but there's no need to buy any of that if you don't know the first one yet.

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Defining diversity primarily as different gender identities and ethnical backgrounds seems very reductive to me. Those are merely some of the innumerable factors that can be used to describe humans. Though they tend to be the most important ones to superficial and primitive people.

Defining self esteem as the capability to stand your ground as long as you're part of the mainstream and get frequent pats on the back seems almost comical to me. I'd say self esteem is the exact opposite: confidence in your capabilities even when faced with stiff opposition.

Actual diversity is one of the most important things in life for me because constantly striving to learn about new concepts, ideas, opinions, cultures and perspectives makes it all worth it. Knowledge is power.

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@hassun: I can't say I'm all that knowledgeable when it comes to comics but Preacher was definitely one of those "aha" moments for me. That series does things I really didn't expect comics to do. I'm glad I checked that one out because prior to that I might've carelessly dismissed an entire branch of media due to some boring, high-profile examples.

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As long as the organization stays true to their constructive mission statement and takes the high road when it comes to harassment, which I have no reason to doubt at this point, that seems like an excellent idea. Zoe Quinn would certainly know how to handle that sort of thing.

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I know the diversity discussion isn't going to go away and as much as it moves around in circles and barely ever reaches an actually interesting point, the occasional insight might still be worth having a discussion whenever it stays at least somewhat on topic.

But the way the most desperate drama mongers now entangle that fucked discourse with some sort of paranoid fear of GB moderation is just pathetic. You can capture screenshots, you have PMs or maybe mails and even a non-moderator GB staff-member you can provide evidence too if there truly is some behind-the-scenes nonsense going on with a rogue mod or whatever. But I don't think I've ever seen a moderation team keeping a better balance between the ability to pretty much speak your mind and still keeping the place reasonably classy than here. And if anything I'd guess I lean more towards the excentric with a healthy dislike of heavy-handed authority. I've seen enough completely unmoderated places on the internet to know that even I don't want that by any stretch of the imagination.

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@damodar said:

Oh wait, I've got it! The be-all and end-all of awesome superfluous features is the Mortal Kombat fatality.

Ah yes, good call. I very much agree with that.

Other than that I love online games that spend a surprising amount of effort on flavorful, but ultimately superfluous atmospheric features. That can be stupid BFBC2 one-liners ("Your ass mine bitch!!!") attached to achievements, MMOs with elaborate social animations like LoTRO (I mean different pipe weeds even let you blow different magical smoke rings; also that flirty animation is amazing) or just the ubiquitous lovingly designed /dance. Since features like that are not that neccessary for the core of online games I really appreciate devs going the extra mile. It's easy to underestimate how much things like that can increase one's enjoyment of a game.

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Haven't really gotten into any Total War games since the first Shogun. This sounds like the perfect opportunity. I'm very much in the 40k > WH camp (probably mostly due to DoW being glorious) but even a fantasy variant would surely catch my attention!

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As someone who toyed with potentially joining the clan I think this is a very reasonable decision. Most of the interest won't last and then you core guys are stuck with even more grind. I'll probably check out some random clan - they're frequently recruiting if I really want to play that much Warframe again.

Honestly my main motivation was to find out if a clan membership actually alleviates some of the ridiculous grind and constant confusion but looking at problems like these I get the impression that is just not a thing that ever happens in Warframe.