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By all means, write why you think they're the best.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth
@ahoodedfigure: You're absolutely right! I still plan on doing that and hope to get around to it soon since as it is the list doesn't mean a lot ;) 
Just to quickly address the obvious absence of high quality popular titles like Uncharted 2, Batman AA etc.: None of those (that I played) appealed to me enough to take more than a short glimpse & I personally hate to include titles that I haven't played extensively (DA:O is a cheat-entry in a way, since I'm still in my first, albeit very thorough playthrough).
Most of 2009's games were governed by my traditional preferences for certain developers (Piranha Bytes, IO Interactive, Bioware, Relic, Raven). And those guys have made more impressive games in earlier years. Their 2009-output was "just" good. Also I generally favor buggy, janky and overly ambitious games over polished, stream-lined and ultimately "boring" (to me personally) titles - just personal preference :) 
Posted by ahoodedfigure
@Baal_Sagoth: Might be a good idea to make a new list full of the "janky" stuff.  I think it would have a few surprises for the rest of us :)