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If this is still happening, I'm in.

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Gun, With Occasional Music by Jonathan Lethem.

It's a hardboiled detective novel set in near-future Oakland, where there are animals that are hyper-evolved and can talk, the police enforce karma, and it's rude to ask questions. There's a 1984 distopia feel to it.

I can't sing it's praises enough. It's my favorite book, I read it once a year.

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Rayman because I was obsessed with cartoons as a kid (and still kinda am). Rayman looks better than anything that was on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network back then (and a lot of stuff now). It would have shaken the foundation of my very being.

Basically, Cartoons for me is a religion, and Rayman Origins is the shit. (I hope people still get this reference.)

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Thank whatever deity you deem fit for the Giant Bomb community.

UP: BabaORiely

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PSN ID - BaddArt

Please add me, I don't have any PSN friends. Thanks!

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Duder, this is awesome. What programs do you use? Photoshop? Illustrator? What's your process? Would you mind discussing it with me some time? I've been looking for ways to improve my digital illustration skillz.

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Jeff said on tumblr a couple weeks ago that it's not happening this year.

You can pay for a new year of subscription at any time, which I think you do through the store? I'm not positive, sorry about that.

I usually get my year around Thanksgiving because the past couple years they've done a promotion around that time.

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300 bones for the WiiU is still too rich for my blood. Although the Wind Waker pack-in is enticing, I essentially just want the console for Smash Bros and Earthbound and they aren't worth throwing down that first down payment.