Babble's Home Invasion!

After seeing Patrick's article on Home I decided to give the game a whirl. With the Steam sale it's currently a little over $1 so now was about as good of a time as any.

While not a jump-scare driven experience it definitely gets the horror vibe down in the context of its 2D presentation. The fact that it is 2D beings relatively irrelevant once things get rolling. The game's twist, if you could call it that, was an interesting one, and the bulk of which I didn't understand until after finishing up the game. Any game that makes me think more about it after the fact is an interesting one, even if only from an academic perspective.

For the fun of it I ended up recording my play-through. It was a good excuse to mess around with video editing software in an attempt to learn something new. If you're interested you can check out the first part below! The resolution options were non-existent so the result was slightly wonky on the width side of things. I guess it's a bit to be expected given the nature of the game.

If anyone else has finished the game, it isn't too long at all, I'd be interested to hear how things went in your game! It seems things can get a little divergent near the end based on your selections. The game's story has two fairly defined tracks as far as I can tell. However, it does do a good job at making you feel like you're crafting your own narrative by posing questions or decisions along the way.


Alrighty. Here is second and final part of Home!