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Could work out for Nintendo... Maybe.

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Is there still room to join this guild?

Built a new machine just for swtor, but after playing that i've realized how easy it is to just jump into wow, run a dungeon or two, and then grab my loot and log off.

There is always room for a Giant Bomb member! Just come on over to Ysera and look for someone online to throw you an invite.

Also for anyone interested, Bomb Squad is currently 8/8 on Dragon Soul normal mode and 1/8 on heroic mode! That puts the guild in spot 19 out of 102 raiding guilds on the server! Check out the first heroic kill video:

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Le gasp.

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Man I wish I could remember who you were in-game, Dizzy. I'm so bad at matching forum names to WoW names.

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I'll be up and running sometime Monday. I'll look you guys up!

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I'm sad it didn't pick up the bridge!

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Great job tonight! Nef is down!

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New server for survival: 
Same map as before. Leu just upgraded the server.

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Has the server been down? Or is it just me?