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Eh, for fastfood they look better then most I have seen. Never have had one though.

EDIT: This thread requires pictures

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No burger is complete without cheese.

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Medium Well...

Have fun with parasites for the people who eat rare :p

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It seems way to early, most games don't even use DX 10 yet let alone the fact that most people don't have the Video Cards or OS for it.

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WoW - 4 years
SWG - 1 to 2 years
Pirates of the Burning Sea - 2 Months
Lord of the Rings Online - 6 Months

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We all know GTA IV is coming to the PC is pretty much inevitable.

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This is because each submission is being looked over be a real person right now. Just be patient.

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No, please no.

Do you really want to breed unnecesary fanboyism? I thought having the option to pick which company you are a fanboy of was unnecesary as it is, but a forum for System Wars?

I love the idea that Giant Bomb is based on the games, not the system you play them on.

EDIT: efrucht if GIant Bomb takes the stance of not having System Wars then we wont have to worry about Fanboys because there wont be any. By giving them a forum you only encourage them.

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It was for me at first but now I like them.

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Riddler said:
"WAIT.............contradiction right think the bible is the guide to Morality...but you DONT believe in Jesus?

It may suprise you but Atheists don't have to believe in Jesus to have morals.