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"Let's talk about the forums a bit. I want Giant Bomb to be a respectable site. Something that we--the people that run the site and the people that use it--can be proud of. When I see people posting threads full of nearly naked women "because they can," it sort of makes me sad. The Internet is a big place, and 95 percent of it is already devoted to women in various states of undress. Let's all try to keep that sort of stuff off of our boards and continue to make this a web site that no one feels embarrassed by or ashamed of." ~ Jeff

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I never finished Beyond Good and Evil

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Is it really that big of a deal? Like Jeff said 95% of the internet is filled with it. You can handle not having it on Giant Bomb.

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In terms of multiplayer I prefer Call of Duty 4 better then Halo 3.

However in Single Player I think it's a seperate experience that you can't really compare side by side. I played both stories and enjoyed both.

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I have to say already I have had to fix a Wiki article that are no longer objective. Game Summary's are not the place to say you "Hate" the game or think it's "Crap" it's to put out the facts for the rest of us.

Post factually and objectivley as the articles are for information where as the forums are more opinion.

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Specifically Pumpkin Pie.

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I wonder if they will only rely on ad's or if they will allow people to pay for a membership. Although I could see them being against the idea of exclusive content for paying members.

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Since Arrow Pointing Down. I always liked the Hotspot so I was always waiting for a new podcast to pop up from them.

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Any seperate versions of the base game should be combined. Any expansions should be listed under the franchise. That's how I see it anyway

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dreDREb13 said:
"Was it ever confirmed that he was fired because of that?  I don't quite remember.
Not offically no, they said it was because of other issues. I think we can all assume though that the Kane and Lynch at least was the straw that broke the camels back whether or not their was other stuff they were displeased about.