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@gakon5 said:
" I had thought about doing some of that stuff when the guild was more active. Maybe I should have thought about it harder ;)

As far as being a promotional tool, it might work, but I don't know if it will keep people long term.

You know, Dave had once talked to me over PM about doing a live raid for TNT. It's been a few months, though, so I'm not sure if the idea was maybe shot down by the other staff. That could be an interesting promotional tool, especially to show people a side of this game they probably don't know anything about.
That idea is both awesome and terrifying at the same time.
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I would agree that our long-term goal should be a 25-man group if we can ever manage it. Two 10 mans seem like they would just divide the guild.

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Servers are up with 4.1 as of 12:50 PM PST.

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@supergumxp said:

" Yeah, its one of those problems community driven guilds have isnt it? do we advertise as a casual guild to keep the atmosphere in the guild similar to what it is now or advertise as a raiding guild and become a hardcore progression guild?
Casuals arent going to fill raid spots but regular raiders is going to require an overhaul of guild policies...
Honestly, I see this is a community guild for whiskey members and their friends, as it might be, and if I or anyone else wants a more hardcore raiding experience its probably better to join a progression guild and have a character on this guild for the funsies. I say that because recruiting raiders means all the "niceness" we have going will probably be brushed aside in favor of "fairness" and quite a few people wont be as comfortable as they are right now... I know I wont be.

That being said, if we were to recruit it will probably have to be more than just the guild finder, with interviews etc as troidy suggested, just to make sure we arent recruiting assholes (not the good kind like ryan, larso and babble... i mean REAL assholes lol)

I dont know, its tough... part of me wants new fun people to have raid with us, but the other part doesnt want to risk it. hehe


I don't know whether to take the bolded part as a compliment or not. :P Being lumped in with Ryan Davis can't be all bad I guess.

To add to the discussion: I would agree with Az, we should recruit people of all level ranges who already hold a similar mentality about the game. We don't want to recruit people for the sake of having a "healthy guild" if it means we lose what makes the guild great right now as we speak. 

I would agree that we need to recruit more people however, whether that be through this new feature in 4.1, or give the Giant Bomb forums an additional effort. 
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@Makoma said:
 Yo I got Anzu!
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Great article!

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Heh, thanks. If you ever get sick of hosting it you can always send me the world file and I can put it up.

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@Babble said:
" @Thrawnkkar
You had better not get your Internet vomit on my Internet babs.
No promises. "
I got a new modem! Time will only tell...
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You had better not get your Internet vomit on my Internet babs.
No promises.
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@Thrawnkkar said:
" We had better. "
35-37% was pretty damn good. And I'll be honest, those last two attempts  were a bit mangled by my internet, which had been fine up to that point.